Xmas Is Nearer Every Day

FSL Angels

FSL Angels



And I’ve made it just fine, for once.  I’m still sewing up a storm and mostly finished with xmas items.  I’ve been making free standing lace items this week and using thread like crazy.  I have a bunch of stuff stitched out but still in the washaway stabilizer.  Hope to get them out and assembled this week.  Tomorrow Bandit goes in for his 4 week checkup and I have to have blood drawn for a follow up, so I probably won’t get much sewing done.  I’ll post some more pictures later.  Midnight is not exactly the best time to find and edit photos, at least for me.

And we have a new foster, even though we swore no more fostering.  We named her Khandi (xmas candy=khandi???).  She’s really sweet, happy and healthy except she’s high heartworm positive.  We’re medicating for a month and then will go back for a recheck to see if we can do the heartworm treatment.  Then, we’ll have her up for adoption and hope to find her a wonderful home.

Just thought I’d spend a moment to check in since I haven’t been posting much in recent months.  Hi, y’all!!!!!!!