Happy New Year 2017

R has gone deer hunting at his brother’s house.  The dogs and I have been baching it.  The weather is cool and rainy with fog in morning and nights, so I’ve stayed pretty close to home.  I drank the bottle of Champagne then ate Cheetos because it was too cloyingly sweet.  Then that made me hungry so I ate a baked potato.  Now I have a sour stomach.  Wonder where that came from.  Yeah…Right

I spent the past 24 hours backing up computers and files for 2016 and dumping them all to dvds.  Finally finished that tonight so I’m good until 2018 now.  I have a copy on 2 PCs, a backup drive, a copy in the cloud and now a hard copy on DVDs.  I’m good now.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting back in the sewing room again.  I’m doing tote bags to donate then will get to my wall hangings I stitched that need to be framed and then to my new purse….maybe not in that exact order, of course.

New Year's libation for one

New Year’s libation for one in front of the computer

All is quiet around here.  Have to take 2 dogs to the vet Monday.  I have a hair appt. one day.  Other than that I’m planning to sew.  Birthdays are coming up and I need some “things” done.  And some “things” to donate.  Going to learn to do ball caps, too, this year.  I’ve got a lot of plans, yes indeedy!

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