Survived Xmas Again!

I made it!  One more time.  And I did it my way for the most part, and without my usual depression this year.  I usually battle Seasonal Affective Disorder in the fall months but we increased the wattage of our lights and slowly my depression is fading.  Well, what do you know??????????!!!!!!!!!!  So I’ve been sewing up a storm for everyone and making ornaments and tote bags and lace and snowflakes and….2016-09-26-17-58-01 img_0133img_0138 2016-09-26-17-57-30 2016-09-27-15-41-07 2016-09-29-15-12-34 2016-10-02-16-52-47 2016-10-02-19-13-55 file-dec-23-4-04-55-pm file-dec-23-4-05-16-pm img_0136 img_0137 img_0138 img_0186 img_0459 img_0480 img_0481 img_0488 img_0489 img_0491 img_0493 img_0497 img_0499 img_5025 img_5028 img_5029 img_5032 img_5033 img_5034 img_5036 img_5037 img_5038 img_5039 img_5040 img_5041 img_5062 img_5065 img_20160926_175647 img_20160926_175655 steviesgifttag



















See What I mean?  I’ve been sewing a LOT!  And this is not all of it either.  Since xmas is over now I’ve started sewing again.  I have 5 or 6 tote bags to do, wall hangings for myself to frame, and a purse for myself to sew.  Then I’ll do some more blankets, of course, because they’re my favorite things to stitch since they allow me the most creativity in designs.  I’ll be doing more lace, as well, since I have fallen in love with it.  I already have ideas for transitioning some from xmas to normal life…we’ll see.


And we have fallen in love with Miss Khandi and are keeping her  (as if we needed another dog, right?  LOL).  She’s really a great little girl and plays with our dogs and gets along with them just fine.  She’s happy and peaceful and loving, well-socialized, good on a leash, etc., etc., etc.,…  So, we’ll take her in next week to get ready for her heartworm treatment probably some time in January depending on when the vet schedules her.

We took our xmas decorations down today.  This is what it looked like xmas eve:

Xmas Eve 2016
Xmas Eve 2016

This week I’m planning more sewing, a run for groceries at some point, a trip to the bank, and to spend the rest of my time with my little family.  What will you be doing this week?

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