Finally, A Breather Maybe

Bandit and R Fish Haul

Bandit and R Fish Haul

It has been hectic of late!  I’ve not had much time to myself except when I was sick for a day and didn’t get out of my nightgown.  Feeling better now and beginning to catch up.  Had Khandi, Fancypants, Gypsy (vaccinations), Pepper (vaccinations), Mimi (vaccinations) and Zoe (leg injury that is healing) to the vet for various reasons.  Khandi goes back Monday morning to spend the night getting micro-chipped and her heartworm treatment started.  Fancypants goes back to the eye doctor Tuesday afternoon and will hopefully get a clean bill of health or at least a reduction in meds.  Her eye looks so much better now so it’s all been worth it, but she hates us poking medicine in her eye all day; we’re down to 3 times per day now from 4.  The corneal abrasion is better but there is still a lot of calcium deposits there.  I don’t know if that will ever go away though; he said it was related to aging.  Guess we’ll see what they say on Tuesday.

Mom has been having health issues so we’ve had her in for tests, doctor visits, lab work and physical therapy.  Since she’s not able to motivate we’ve been helping with her chores, too.  We don’t mind.  It’s just made things more hectic at times.  Then I managed to get bronchitis and still have some coughing though I’m feeling more like myself now.   It’s always something, right?

I have more sewing projects in the plans.  Today R got out the hat hoop that came with the 10-needle; it’s still sealed in the box.  Hopefully we’ll be able to play with it soon.  I also have a couple of gifts that I need to get done soon or they’ll be too late.  I have piles of supplies bought for everything…and still a stack for a new purse…but there hasn’t been a supply of time delivered yet.

R has managed to go hunting and bagged a deer, then he took Bandit and the boat for a 4-day fishing trip which was productive.  Today I fried fish for us all and it was yummy.  I made chili from some of the deer but have yet to cook anymore.  The freezer is full of it.  R used the vacuum sealer to package it so it won’t freezer burn.  More yummy on tap.  I told Mom yesterday that R has proven his masculinity now.  When I told him what I’d said, he just laughed.  But he’s happy, so that’s all that matters.

Taxes are done (and Uncle Sam paid, unfortunately).  Politics are on simmer but it won’t be a pleasant 4 years ahead.  Not liking the new insurance.  It seems like everything we’ve had to do is not covered and part of our maintenance medications are not on the formulary–which means we pay for them out of pocket.  The “dental coverage” boils down to a reimbursement of $150 each for cleaning and x-rays once per year.  Since we do cleanings every six months we will end up doing a lot ourselves.  And any treatment is on us.  Thankfully the insurance is cheap.  I was paying $550 for Obamacare so this is a breeze even considering what we’re having to pay out of pocket.  I can still bitch about it though, right?  I pay for this space!  LOL



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