Two Down

Free-Standing Lace Mobile

Kite Wall Hanging








Well, I got the first two projects done.  On to #3 tomorrow.  It’s almost 1 A.M. and I’m reloading the system on my desktop computer.  Had a Windows 10 problem I couldn’t fix any other way.

Today we did some errands including the pet store and then lunch.  Came home and put the mobile and kite together and got them wrapped for presenting next week.  Got another huge design coming up tomorrow and a laptop to load Windows 10 on (just received it in the mail from Amazon tonight).  Happily busy and feeling so much better now that the doctor fixed my medication situation.  It’s nice to feel like a human being on a regular basis again.

Close-up of cactus babies

Cactus that had “babies”








Both cacti

Hope you all have a wonderful night and wake up rested.

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