Rest In Peace, Fancypants!

This is her daily medicine schedule board; everything isn’t on here
This is how bad she felt, especially while having to wear the cone of shame for her eyes.
Fancy dressed up and shopping with Daddy



Goodbye, Miss Fancypants!  We miss you so much!  We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got to keep you for 16 1/2 years; wish it could have been forever but you were getting increasingly tired, confused and sicker all the time.

Run wild and free over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You don’t have to be sick anymore!


This is the only thing on her medicine board now
Looking out Daddy’s car window
Last unhurried nap before we left the house
Last puppy whip at Starbuck
Fancy’s last trip to PetSmart
Right before we left home to take her to the vet.  The last time my 3 little black girls were in the same photograph and Dusty photo bombing as usual.