Happy Medium

I think life has died down to a dull roar now.  We got Fancy’s ashes back but have yet to bury them in our backyard like we’ve done with the others who have left us.  We didn’t know how the pack would react to her sudden disappearance or which one would become alpha in her place.  She was a good alpha.  She didn’t throw her weight around; she was the “inspector” of all things; she never got vocal except when it was time for her dinner and we were dragging our feet; she never reprimanded any of the pack for grievances even when she should have.  Fancy was a calm, cool canine.

No one in the pack has claimed the alpha position.  At various times one or the other is loudest or tries harder to communicate their wants and/or needs, etc.  Khandi has taken over inspector duties.  She’s in the middle of everything that goes on inside or outside; she’s interested in absolutely everything.  She checks on me when I go to the bathroom like Fancy did.  She tells me when it’s dinnertime as Fancy did, but Khandi is not verbal about it; she gets in my lap and puts her face into mine so I can’t see anything but her then licks me on the nose.  I tried to tell her she was too close for me to even focus my eyes on her but she doesn’t get that; she just keeps licking until I get out of the chair and head off to the kitchen.  Bandit was the first one to tell me he was hungry and he’s only done it once.  He licked me on the bottom of my foot!  I went “ew!!!!!!!!!!”, he looked at me mournfully as if pleading so I fed them.  I wondered if he was going to do that every day but that’s the only time he’s done it.

Mimi, now 13, is the eldest dog in the house.  Naturally we wondered if she would be alpha by default, but she hasn’t changed a thing so I don’t think she’s interested.  Otherwise we don’t really have an alpha yet but they’ll let us know when it becomes applicable.  Mimi and Khandi played tug of war on the patio once…the only time Mimi has played with any dog to date.  It was so cute I had to post video on Facebook, so we think Khandi is going to be the best addition we’ve made to the pack in recent memory.  She’s smart and happy and outgoing.  She minds, walks well on a leash and loves people, babies and other dogs.  Another cool canine.

It’s almost 2 AM so I’d better ooze on outta here!


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