Mimi’s Blood Said Medicate

Talked to our vet’s office this morning and one of her liver tests was elevated so we’ll pick up meds and make sure she gets them. Bandit goes in for his dental cleaning tomorrow morning so we’ll pick up meds then too.

Gotta get off here since I’m about to get my hair cut. See ya!

Back now: Got my hair cut and highlighted, picked up my new reading glasses and took my husband out for dinner.  Not a bad day.  Tomorrow we’ve got to get up and hit the floor early so Mr. Bandit can get to the vet on time.  Usually once I get all the dogs’ yearly vaccinations done I start scheduling their dental cleanings; Bandit is this year’s first dental, only 6 more to go.  <groan>  I’ll schedule the two littles tomorrow, then the rest one at a time.  We’ll get there; no problem!  I need to get up earlier tomorrow anyway because I slept in today and got no work done at home.  I still have laundry to start and a list has gone up on the white board.  It’s time to replant some things in the front flower bed, too, so a trip to Lowe’s is in order, as well.  I’m also going to try out my 14″ x 14″ embroidery hoop (finally—I’ve had it since I bought my multi-needle about 3 years ago.  I’ve only just found designs I want to do with it.  That should be fun, but perhaps a tad stressful if it doesn’t work properly.  Some people figure it out the first time; some have had to work at it.  I don’t know which one I’ll be.  Wish me luck!


Today the thunder woke us up.  Of course some of our dogs are averse to bad weather so we got up to hold and comfort them.  R cooked breakfast and then I started in doing some business on the phone and online.  Just finished to find that R is asleep in my chair as are all the dogs.  So, here I sit.  It’s not that I have nothing to do; I have laundry and need to finish cleaning the kitchen.  I also have sewing on tap but just don’t have the drive for it right now.  <sigh>  I don’t often get bored so this is unusual for me.  I normally get busy and forget about it, but I’ve had some family stuff on my mind lately and concentration is not what it was.

Yesterday we took Miss Mimi to the vet.  She turned 14 in January and has had issues with her liver in the past although she’s no longer on medication for it.  The past couple of weeks she’s been more lethargic, more high-strung (yes, at the same time), licks her feet and the furniture a lot, and is simply not herself.  They drew blood and sent it off so we should get the results in a few days.  Part of her issues stem from Khandi taking over the reigns as alpha and taking her daddy’s attention away from her.  Mimi is not happy with the changes.  Now that Zsa Zsa has entered the picture there are 3 girls all wanting R’s undivided attention 24 hours a day…it’s just not going to happen, ladies!  So there are more spats between the three of them but Mimi, being the light-weight of the three, gets the bad end of the stick every time.  She has begun clinging to me again so that has helped her, but it’s not good enough.  Khandi has been here about 18 months and Zsa Zsa 5 months; Mimi has been here for 8 1/2 years.  It’s not fair to her, but they’re both larger and weigh more than her, so she can’t win.  Thankfully no blood has been shed but they sound like death is imminent when they get into it.  Poor Mimi always runs away screaming bloody murder and I always feel so sorry for her plight.  When it thundered while R was cooking I had to move an end table to get Mimi out of the corner.  She was shivering in fright just from the noise but she wouldn’t come to me for anything.  She was better when I picked her up though and snuggled up without shaking anymore.  Right now all 3 big girls are cuddled with R asleep in the dark; I intend to let them sleep.


A Sad Day

I came home from Austin yesterday.  The trip was uneventful and I was glad to get home.  The trip up had one major scary feature.  On a two-lane highway over the hill in front of me came an SUV in my lane.  There was a car behind me and 3 cars in the right hand lane, so I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t pull over but the SUV was going to hit me head-on.  I remembered that the authorities had always said not to go over to the left shoulder because when the wrong-way person realized the situation they most likely would over-correct and hit that shoulder causing an accident anyway.  I started breaking but not so fast that the car behind me would rear-end me while I began to enter the lane to my right that was already occupied.  All the surrounding cars were honking and gesturing at me, so I gestured back, pointing ahead of us.  Then they really started honking, but they pulled over so we could all clear the roadway.  I know it only took seconds but it seemed like forever.  As we passed the oncoming SUV he turned sideways crossing both lanes of highway.  When I looked in my rearview mirror after going around him, I saw that he was still sitting there across both lanes.  I can’t imagine what was up with him that would 1. make him go the wrong way on a one-way highway or 2. stop crossways in the road and not move over to either shoulder.  I assumed he was going to make a u-turn but he just pulled sideways across both lanes and stopped.   As I passed over the same rise that he came over when I first saw him, imprinted in my mind was that black SUV sitting still across both lanes of highway.  Weird!  And scary as hell.  Other than that it wasn’t a bad drive and I got there in time to pick my grandson up from school.  Since they’re taking finals this week he was free to leave early, so it worked out.

I unpacked last night after R took me out for Margaritas and dinner; he knew I was stressed and needed some pampering.  I thought I’d feel better after a good night’s sleep in my own bed but then I couldn’t go to sleep at all.  I had a nail appointment this morning so I had to get up or miss it, but I got out of bed and did some work on the computer and finally went to sleep about 4 AM.  Got my nails done then we ran errands most of the day.

When I woke up there was a news flash about another school shooting.  This one was at a high school in a sleepy little town just west of us.  We watched the news all day as it developed. Result was 10 people killed, 15 more injured and one missing.  So sad, and so senseless.  A few years ago in our high school there was a teen with a knife but, fortunately, the school was evacuated without injuries or loss of life.  My grand-daughter happened to be home that day but was pretty shaken up about the possibilities inherent in the situation.  Today’s massacre involved some of my daughter-in-law’s family.  One teen happened to stay home from school and another couple of young ladies were at the school but safe.  It was a traumatic time for everyone present, and for family members who were too far away to reach the site for support and had no idea if their loved ones were safe.  The news coverage has been wonderful for those of us concerned with their safety and a boon to the local news stations.  R said one reporter was doing everything she could not to smile.  They were probably excited that they had actual news to report instead of complaints about the trash pick-up or pot-holes tearing up cars.

We bought more fabric today; I’ve got some in the washer now but I’m pretty much finished for the day.  I try to keep the lint out of my embroidery and serging machines so I wash fleece prior to use.  I’m not totally exhausted but it’s been a long day and I’m emotionally spent.  So I’ll say good night and shut my door.  Per Scarlet: tomorrow’s another day.

On The Road Again

At least I will be in a few hours.  R will be here to run the house and care for the canine children while I’m gone.  My son’s eldest son, Blake, and his mom, Amanda, are back in Denver for his 2 month post-surgical checkup.  So, Dad and Cole are alone once more.  Granny has been there helping out but she has to go back to work the middle of this week so it’s my turn to house-and-child sit.  Not that they need any help.  Cole will turn 13 in 11 days so he’s no baby.  But I’ll get to go visit and spend some time with my “boys” for a few days.

I’ve been doing some sewing of late (finally) and made some blankets.  I have yet to do all the fabric I have hemmed to use for blankets though.  I need to go buy some suitable for the summer time.  Most of the colors I currently have were bought for xmas blankets but then Mom got sick so xmas got canceled.  I was going to go ahead and use it anyway since I have many, many thousands of designs to use, but decided I’d just have to buy xmas colors again later.  So I’ll keep what I have and work on xmas in my spare time while doing other things for other seasons.  I also bought some things to do for my mom for her wheelchair.  I’m going to make zippered cushions so they can be unzipped and thrown in the washer when necessary.  And I’m making two so they can be cycled.  I bought her new silver gray sheets that I trimmed with pink embroidery and the pink and grey pastel bedspread to go with it. I bought her new pillows for the bed and one to lean on in her chair that says Happy Day Mom (or something to that effect–it was bought, not one of mine).  I made her a few blankets for Mother’s Day, two patterned and hemmed and this one embroidered:


Then I made this one for R’s family member:

Then, this one for another forgotten lady that Father Time is claiming for his own:

I have plans for more really pretty blankets, too.  I have the designs created but will have to find the right fabric for them.  I’ll get there.  But it’ll have to be after I get home from Austin again.  Buenas noches, mi amigos.  I’m outta here!


Another Beautiful Day

R needed to go pick up some trim boards today so he could finish the chimney rebuild.  It seemed like the perfect day to take the two littlest chis for some one-on-one with mom and dad.  So we loaded up the truck and found ourselves on the way to McCoy’s via Starbucks and Kroger gas.  The sky was a lovely shade of light blue, and fluffy white clouds hung there unmoving as if the whole world was on hold for that fleeting moment.  We’re so fortunate to live in Texas and wake to so many beautiful days.  It’s about to turn hot in our southern state so really pretty, pleasant days are cherished.  Soon it’ll be so hot I’ll be cussing the AC bill and trying not to sunburn in the shade.  But, until then, I’ll enjoy the beauty and peace of this late spring day.

2018-05-02 15.34.53

Zoe and Dusty (the littles)

Since it was the “weekend” (when you’re retired, every day is “weekend”), we didn’t have a lot of errands today.  R worked outside and I worked inside on a few chores I’ve not had time to get to recently.  For instance, I cleaned out my closet so I can donate what I’m not wearing anymore.  I’m not really a good person for donating to charity; it’s just that our closet is too small to fit those clothes if they’re not entirely necessary.  Then I opened the packages stacked by the front door.  I order things online that I can find cheaper or are more convenient than shopping around to find locally.  So there was a throw I bought for the new swivel/rocker/recliner, and a new quilted bedspread because the comforter is no longer needed for the warmer days.  Then, there was a box of medical stuff I found on sale.  I have a printer ordered for my mom that is due next week, a water filter for the refrigerator, some supplements, a couple pair of tennis shoes, a sun dress that’s back-ordered to June, etc.

Then I put up the stacks of “stuff” I had parked but never got back to pick up.   Ya know, sometimes I get started on a project and there’s a dog emergency (harsh “words”, a small cry, a big crash) that demands my attention, and whatever I have in my hands gets parked on the nearest flat surface.  In the old days, my OCD would have demanded I return post-haste to pick up the project and put it away, but I find with age comes patience and a little forgetfulness.  So sometimes the project sits for a time gathering dust and losing importance until realization lends me to notice its presence again and industry provides action to put it away.

Next, I turned on the dryer to tumble the last few pieces that somehow never got put away.  The hamper is full again and will demand attention soon for I will run out of pants to wear.  The mail lady is a nice sort but she frowns on me coming to the mailbox in my nightgown.  And the pizza man—–well!!!!!!!!!!


Not Santa Quality Yet

2018-05-03 17.05.15

Work continues

Well, it’s beginning to take shape.  Hope it’s ready by xmas!

Today was a long day (are they all?).  We both had appointments for new glasses.  Check.  Then I had a doctor’s appointment.  Check.  Then we had to go to a specialist to pick up supplies.  Check.  By the time we got home the sky had clouded over and there were hints of sprinkles in the breeze.  It was Trifexis day at our house so that took some time to medicate all of them (“no, no, no, no!!!  That’s your sister’s medicine!”), then get them and the fishes fed.  So R didn’t have much time to play with the chimney today, but every day it gets a little closer to completion.  The parts are all here and mostly installed.  Most all of it is painted, sealed, caulked, measured, cut, drilled and hammered to perfection.

Tomorrow I have a nail appointment early and a grocery list to fulfill.  My daughter came home from the hospital on Monday and I have yet to call to make sure she’s still alive (bad mom!).  I was going to call her tonight then we got into a conversation about the insurance company/society’s pretensions, etc., that carried over multiple subjects and raised my voice loud enough to make the dogs wonder.  I value our debates and it’s even better when we agree on each point and the conversation ends with my husband saying, “well, if you believe in it don’t accept anything less!”.  Love that man!

Our courtship and marriage has been a series of jousts that we never expected to last this long but are so glad they are.  From the beginning one of us would make a statement, crack, insult, or a dare, ask a leading question, etc., which the other would bat back across the net like a tennis match.  We enjoy just getting a laugh but after 18 years the times are fewer when one of us really gets one over on the other, and when that happens it’s a red letter day between us.  That happened today at Whataburger — and in my favor, too.  I made R’s face turn red in embarrassment.  I didn’t say anything ugly; I just caught him off-guard.  One of those subtle statements with my eyes lowered almost coyly, drop the line, then look up into his face, sort of bashfully.  He was already red and giggling.  Win for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

We talked today about how, after all these years, we still have fun together no matter what we’re doing or where we are.  However, neither of us can remember the joke when we both laughed so hard we almost wet our pants while putting gas in R’s Mustang one day.  He had the gas nozzle in the side of the car.  I was getting out of the passenger seat.  We were talking religion something and R said we must have had a broken spell checker, or something like that.  Immediately I couldn’t breathe for laughing so hard.  Half way out of the car, I fell back in and broke my fingernail in the process, still trying to get a breath.  R fell against the back of the car laughing with tears running down his face and almost pulled the gas nozzle out while it was still pumping.  It was several minutes before sanity returned and we could both breathe somewhat normally again.   And we’ve never been able to recreate that conversation or why that punchline was so damned hilarious, but we still laugh about our reactions and how crazy it was.  Crazy memories.  Crazy, sweet memories.  Sigh



A Little Production

Yes, I did get some work done today.  The dogs and I hemmed 6 blankets and washed fabric for 4 more.  Before that I paid bills (always with their help, of course) and balanced the checkbook.  We took a trip to pick up parts so R could spend the day on the roof drying in the chimney since there was a promise of rain in the sky even though it wasn’t listed in the weather report.

Then we cleaned up and went out for Mexican food and Margaritas (mine—R doesn’t drink much or often).  It was fun and supplied a little couple time.  I had listened to Zoe cry/whine all afternoon because I had to put her down in order to sew.  Five years old, she is less than 5 pounds so is everyone’s baby doll, however, she is too spoiled for my own good.

2018-04-19 11.43.24

Zoe Zoe, the precious

She weighed less than a pound when we got her at 8 weeks of age.  Her sister weighed 2 1/2 pounds.  Zoe was sick with an infected eye, mange and a tapeworm.  We didn’t know if she’d survive, but thankfully she did. Therefore, we all baby her.  If I need to do something I hand her to R and say, “hold this”.  He does the same with me.  We never put her down unless it’s a dire necessity.  She is the sweetest, most cuddly, softest, angel we have (think bunny rabbit).  But when we try to do something we want or need to do, she doesn’t understand why we can’t just hold her and do whatever, too.  (Example: she sits on a towel on the vanity when R shaves so she can be with Daddy)  So when I tried to sew I wasn’t holding her, which made her cry.  I’d pick her up and take her out in the yard to see R and she’d be fine.  I’d set her down in the grass or on a rug, and she’s fine…until she hears the serger running again.   Then she whines until I pick her up. I finally put her on a blanket on one of my sewing tables so she was close enough to touch me.  She sat calmly by watching me run the machine, but by the time I finished today’s portion of sewing I was ready to scream.  So going out to dinner with my hubby was just what the doctor ordered.

An evening sitting in front of the TV followed dinner until we’re all sufficiently pooped to fall in the bed.  I took a sleeping pill; R took Zoe to bed and they’re both snoring now.  They’re all precious but sometimes patience is in short supply so it’s best to have an outlet for the frustration.  We’re good at redirecting and not taking it out on the animals.  Just one more thing I value about a marriage that already has so many great facets.