A Little Production

Yes, I did get some work done today.  The dogs and I hemmed 6 blankets and washed fabric for 4 more.  Before that I paid bills (always with their help, of course) and balanced the checkbook.  We took a trip to pick up parts so R could spend the day on the roof drying in the chimney since there was a promise of rain in the sky even though it wasn’t listed in the weather report.

Then we cleaned up and went out for Mexican food and Margaritas (mine—R doesn’t drink much or often).  It was fun and supplied a little couple time.  I had listened to Zoe cry/whine all afternoon because I had to put her down in order to sew.  Five years old, she is less than 5 pounds so is everyone’s baby doll, however, she is too spoiled for my own good.

2018-04-19 11.43.24

Zoe Zoe, the precious

She weighed less than a pound when we got her at 8 weeks of age.  Her sister weighed 2 1/2 pounds.  Zoe was sick with an infected eye, mange and a tapeworm.  We didn’t know if she’d survive, but thankfully she did. Therefore, we all baby her.  If I need to do something I hand her to R and say, “hold this”.  He does the same with me.  We never put her down unless it’s a dire necessity.  She is the sweetest, most cuddly, softest, angel we have (think bunny rabbit).  But when we try to do something we want or need to do, she doesn’t understand why we can’t just hold her and do whatever, too.  (Example: she sits on a towel on the vanity when R shaves so she can be with Daddy)  So when I tried to sew I wasn’t holding her, which made her cry.  I’d pick her up and take her out in the yard to see R and she’d be fine.  I’d set her down in the grass or on a rug, and she’s fine…until she hears the serger running again.   Then she whines until I pick her up. I finally put her on a blanket on one of my sewing tables so she was close enough to touch me.  She sat calmly by watching me run the machine, but by the time I finished today’s portion of sewing I was ready to scream.  So going out to dinner with my hubby was just what the doctor ordered.

An evening sitting in front of the TV followed dinner until we’re all sufficiently pooped to fall in the bed.  I took a sleeping pill; R took Zoe to bed and they’re both snoring now.  They’re all precious but sometimes patience is in short supply so it’s best to have an outlet for the frustration.  We’re good at redirecting and not taking it out on the animals.  Just one more thing I value about a marriage that already has so many great facets.

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