Not Santa Quality Yet

2018-05-03 17.05.15

Work continues

Well, it’s beginning to take shape.  Hope it’s ready by xmas!

Today was a long day (are they all?).  We both had appointments for new glasses.  Check.  Then I had a doctor’s appointment.  Check.  Then we had to go to a specialist to pick up supplies.  Check.  By the time we got home the sky had clouded over and there were hints of sprinkles in the breeze.  It was Trifexis day at our house so that took some time to medicate all of them (“no, no, no, no!!!  That’s your sister’s medicine!”), then get them and the fishes fed.  So R didn’t have much time to play with the chimney today, but every day it gets a little closer to completion.  The parts are all here and mostly installed.  Most all of it is painted, sealed, caulked, measured, cut, drilled and hammered to perfection.

Tomorrow I have a nail appointment early and a grocery list to fulfill.  My daughter came home from the hospital on Monday and I have yet to call to make sure she’s still alive (bad mom!).  I was going to call her tonight then we got into a conversation about the insurance company/society’s pretensions, etc., that carried over multiple subjects and raised my voice loud enough to make the dogs wonder.  I value our debates and it’s even better when we agree on each point and the conversation ends with my husband saying, “well, if you believe in it don’t accept anything less!”.  Love that man!

Our courtship and marriage has been a series of jousts that we never expected to last this long but are so glad they are.  From the beginning one of us would make a statement, crack, insult, or a dare, ask a leading question, etc., which the other would bat back across the net like a tennis match.  We enjoy just getting a laugh but after 18 years the times are fewer when one of us really gets one over on the other, and when that happens it’s a red letter day between us.  That happened today at Whataburger — and in my favor, too.  I made R’s face turn red in embarrassment.  I didn’t say anything ugly; I just caught him off-guard.  One of those subtle statements with my eyes lowered almost coyly, drop the line, then look up into his face, sort of bashfully.  He was already red and giggling.  Win for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

We talked today about how, after all these years, we still have fun together no matter what we’re doing or where we are.  However, neither of us can remember the joke when we both laughed so hard we almost wet our pants while putting gas in R’s Mustang one day.  He had the gas nozzle in the side of the car.  I was getting out of the passenger seat.  We were talking religion something and R said we must have had a broken spell checker, or something like that.  Immediately I couldn’t breathe for laughing so hard.  Half way out of the car, I fell back in and broke my fingernail in the process, still trying to get a breath.  R fell against the back of the car laughing with tears running down his face and almost pulled the gas nozzle out while it was still pumping.  It was several minutes before sanity returned and we could both breathe somewhat normally again.   And we’ve never been able to recreate that conversation or why that punchline was so damned hilarious, but we still laugh about our reactions and how crazy it was.  Crazy memories.  Crazy, sweet memories.  Sigh



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