Another Beautiful Day

R needed to go pick up some trim boards today so he could finish the chimney rebuild.  It seemed like the perfect day to take the two littlest chis for some one-on-one with mom and dad.  So we loaded up the truck and found ourselves on the way to McCoy’s via Starbucks and Kroger gas.  The sky was a lovely shade of light blue, and fluffy white clouds hung there unmoving as if the whole world was on hold for that fleeting moment.  We’re so fortunate to live in Texas and wake to so many beautiful days.  It’s about to turn hot in our southern state so really pretty, pleasant days are cherished.  Soon it’ll be so hot I’ll be cussing the AC bill and trying not to sunburn in the shade.  But, until then, I’ll enjoy the beauty and peace of this late spring day.

2018-05-02 15.34.53

Zoe and Dusty (the littles)

Since it was the “weekend” (when you’re retired, every day is “weekend”), we didn’t have a lot of errands today.  R worked outside and I worked inside on a few chores I’ve not had time to get to recently.  For instance, I cleaned out my closet so I can donate what I’m not wearing anymore.  I’m not really a good person for donating to charity; it’s just that our closet is too small to fit those clothes if they’re not entirely necessary.  Then I opened the packages stacked by the front door.  I order things online that I can find cheaper or are more convenient than shopping around to find locally.  So there was a throw I bought for the new swivel/rocker/recliner, and a new quilted bedspread because the comforter is no longer needed for the warmer days.  Then, there was a box of medical stuff I found on sale.  I have a printer ordered for my mom that is due next week, a water filter for the refrigerator, some supplements, a couple pair of tennis shoes, a sun dress that’s back-ordered to June, etc.

Then I put up the stacks of “stuff” I had parked but never got back to pick up.   Ya know, sometimes I get started on a project and there’s a dog emergency (harsh “words”, a small cry, a big crash) that demands my attention, and whatever I have in my hands gets parked on the nearest flat surface.  In the old days, my OCD would have demanded I return post-haste to pick up the project and put it away, but I find with age comes patience and a little forgetfulness.  So sometimes the project sits for a time gathering dust and losing importance until realization lends me to notice its presence again and industry provides action to put it away.

Next, I turned on the dryer to tumble the last few pieces that somehow never got put away.  The hamper is full again and will demand attention soon for I will run out of pants to wear.  The mail lady is a nice sort but she frowns on me coming to the mailbox in my nightgown.  And the pizza man—–well!!!!!!!!!!


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