On The Road Again

At least I will be in a few hours.  R will be here to run the house and care for the canine children while I’m gone.  My son’s eldest son, Blake, and his mom, Amanda, are back in Denver for his 2 month post-surgical checkup.  So, Dad and Cole are alone once more.  Granny has been there helping out but she has to go back to work the middle of this week so it’s my turn to house-and-child sit.  Not that they need any help.  Cole will turn 13 in 11 days so he’s no baby.  But I’ll get to go visit and spend some time with my “boys” for a few days.

I’ve been doing some sewing of late (finally) and made some blankets.  I have yet to do all the fabric I have hemmed to use for blankets though.  I need to go buy some suitable for the summer time.  Most of the colors I currently have were bought for xmas blankets but then Mom got sick so xmas got canceled.  I was going to go ahead and use it anyway since I have many, many thousands of designs to use, but decided I’d just have to buy xmas colors again later.  So I’ll keep what I have and work on xmas in my spare time while doing other things for other seasons.  I also bought some things to do for my mom for her wheelchair.  I’m going to make zippered cushions so they can be unzipped and thrown in the washer when necessary.  And I’m making two so they can be cycled.  I bought her new silver gray sheets that I trimmed with pink embroidery and the pink and grey pastel bedspread to go with it. I bought her new pillows for the bed and one to lean on in her chair that says Happy Day Mom (or something to that effect–it was bought, not one of mine).  I made her a few blankets for Mother’s Day, two patterned and hemmed and this one embroidered:


Then I made this one for R’s family member:

Then, this one for another forgotten lady that Father Time is claiming for his own:

I have plans for more really pretty blankets, too.  I have the designs created but will have to find the right fabric for them.  I’ll get there.  But it’ll have to be after I get home from Austin again.  Buenas noches, mi amigos.  I’m outta here!


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