A Sad Day

I came home from Austin yesterday.  The trip was uneventful and I was glad to get home.  The trip up had one major scary feature.  On a two-lane highway over the hill in front of me came an SUV in my lane.  There was a car behind me and 3 cars in the right hand lane, so I couldn’t stop and I couldn’t pull over but the SUV was going to hit me head-on.  I remembered that the authorities had always said not to go over to the left shoulder because when the wrong-way person realized the situation they most likely would over-correct and hit that shoulder causing an accident anyway.  I started breaking but not so fast that the car behind me would rear-end me while I began to enter the lane to my right that was already occupied.  All the surrounding cars were honking and gesturing at me, so I gestured back, pointing ahead of us.  Then they really started honking, but they pulled over so we could all clear the roadway.  I know it only took seconds but it seemed like forever.  As we passed the oncoming SUV he turned sideways crossing both lanes of highway.  When I looked in my rearview mirror after going around him, I saw that he was still sitting there across both lanes.  I can’t imagine what was up with him that would 1. make him go the wrong way on a one-way highway or 2. stop crossways in the road and not move over to either shoulder.  I assumed he was going to make a u-turn but he just pulled sideways across both lanes and stopped.   As I passed over the same rise that he came over when I first saw him, imprinted in my mind was that black SUV sitting still across both lanes of highway.  Weird!  And scary as hell.  Other than that it wasn’t a bad drive and I got there in time to pick my grandson up from school.  Since they’re taking finals this week he was free to leave early, so it worked out.

I unpacked last night after R took me out for Margaritas and dinner; he knew I was stressed and needed some pampering.  I thought I’d feel better after a good night’s sleep in my own bed but then I couldn’t go to sleep at all.  I had a nail appointment this morning so I had to get up or miss it, but I got out of bed and did some work on the computer and finally went to sleep about 4 AM.  Got my nails done then we ran errands most of the day.

When I woke up there was a news flash about another school shooting.  This one was at a high school in a sleepy little town just west of us.  We watched the news all day as it developed. Result was 10 people killed, 15 more injured and one missing.  So sad, and so senseless.  A few years ago in our high school there was a teen with a knife but, fortunately, the school was evacuated without injuries or loss of life.  My grand-daughter happened to be home that day but was pretty shaken up about the possibilities inherent in the situation.  Today’s massacre involved some of my daughter-in-law’s family.  One teen happened to stay home from school and another couple of young ladies were at the school but safe.  It was a traumatic time for everyone present, and for family members who were too far away to reach the site for support and had no idea if their loved ones were safe.  The news coverage has been wonderful for those of us concerned with their safety and a boon to the local news stations.  R said one reporter was doing everything she could not to smile.  They were probably excited that they had actual news to report instead of complaints about the trash pick-up or pot-holes tearing up cars.

We bought more fabric today; I’ve got some in the washer now but I’m pretty much finished for the day.  I try to keep the lint out of my embroidery and serging machines so I wash fleece prior to use.  I’m not totally exhausted but it’s been a long day and I’m emotionally spent.  So I’ll say good night and shut my door.  Per Scarlet: tomorrow’s another day.

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