Today the thunder woke us up.  Of course some of our dogs are averse to bad weather so we got up to hold and comfort them.  R cooked breakfast and then I started in doing some business on the phone and online.  Just finished to find that R is asleep in my chair as are all the dogs.  So, here I sit.  It’s not that I have nothing to do; I have laundry and need to finish cleaning the kitchen.  I also have sewing on tap but just don’t have the drive for it right now.  <sigh>  I don’t often get bored so this is unusual for me.  I normally get busy and forget about it, but I’ve had some family stuff on my mind lately and concentration is not what it was.

Yesterday we took Miss Mimi to the vet.  She turned 14 in January and has had issues with her liver in the past although she’s no longer on medication for it.  The past couple of weeks she’s been more lethargic, more high-strung (yes, at the same time), licks her feet and the furniture a lot, and is simply not herself.  They drew blood and sent it off so we should get the results in a few days.  Part of her issues stem from Khandi taking over the reigns as alpha and taking her daddy’s attention away from her.  Mimi is not happy with the changes.  Now that Zsa Zsa has entered the picture there are 3 girls all wanting R’s undivided attention 24 hours a day…it’s just not going to happen, ladies!  So there are more spats between the three of them but Mimi, being the light-weight of the three, gets the bad end of the stick every time.  She has begun clinging to me again so that has helped her, but it’s not good enough.  Khandi has been here about 18 months and Zsa Zsa 5 months; Mimi has been here for 8 1/2 years.  It’s not fair to her, but they’re both larger and weigh more than her, so she can’t win.  Thankfully no blood has been shed but they sound like death is imminent when they get into it.  Poor Mimi always runs away screaming bloody murder and I always feel so sorry for her plight.  When it thundered while R was cooking I had to move an end table to get Mimi out of the corner.  She was shivering in fright just from the noise but she wouldn’t come to me for anything.  She was better when I picked her up though and snuggled up without shaking anymore.  Right now all 3 big girls are cuddled with R asleep in the dark; I intend to let them sleep.


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