Late Night, Maybe

Just took my sleeping pill, not finished with everything I had planned for today but I ran out of time and energy.  Doctor’s appointment early in the morning so I have to give in (not give up!) for tonight.  I got a new Brother embroidery/sewing combo today so got to play with it for a bit.  Love it and have all kinds of neat decorative stitches to sew onto linens, towels, etc.  I’ve wanted this one for over a year to use as a class machine.  My current “class machine” doesn’t do as large a stitch-out as this one will and is posted on Ebay now. I bought a small Singer from Ebay for the decorative stitching it can do.  It’ll replace the current decorative stitch machine.  They’re so cheap I can’t even sell it on Ebay and profit.  It’ll be good for baby gifts, blanket edging, etc.  Love having new toys to play with; I just have to find the time to do all I want.  Things have quieted down around home lately so that should continue to afford me more time in the sewing room.

Sheet and pillowcases I did a couple of days ago.

I’m working on gray sheets right now, then I have a purple set I just purchased.  Cool colors!  I got 2 pillowcases started today but I have another set and the top sheet to do before I take photos.

Dusty and Zoe came through their dentals with flying colors.  Now Zsa Zsa is scheduled for her dental on the 22nd.  We’ll try to do one or two a month until we’re done.  After June we have 3 remaining.  Mimi seems to be feeling better now that we’ve started her on the liver supplement again.  She has her own “bed” in the corner of the living room behind an end table.  That’s where she was going when she was sick, but she was laying on the cold floor shivering.  Now she has a pillow and she uses the space as her private retreat.  She turned 14 in January so I know she’s getting up in age for a dog but we’re going to keep her comfortable and happy as long as we can.  When we got her from the shelter we intended to re-home her, but that was before we found out she was a fear-biter; we could never find anyone willing to take a chance on her, so she’s been here 9 years and will live out her life with us.  She’s happy and loving and doesn’t bite us; she’s also learned that some people can be trusted and she doesn’t bite as often as she once did.  She has made friends with some of our friends and family and welcomes them in every time they visit.  We never thought we’d get to this point, but we knew she was just fearful and if people would be patient with her, in time they would earn her love.

Time to quit writing and get ready for sleep.  Will try to get more pictures posted this week as I play with all my “toys”.  G’night, all.


Unexpected Peace

I find myself enjoying a little peace and quiet.  No dog is barking or even snoring and R is gone working on the boat.  Bills are paid; checkbook balanced; supper is eaten; dogs are fed.  Spooky!

Not much on the agenda for the week.  Dusty and Zoe go in for their dental cleanings Friday but until then I have a bit of time to do for myself.  I have some fabric laundered for blankets and just finished embellishing a set of sheets for us.  I’d go take a photo but I have dogs soundly sleeping in my lap, so that’ll have to wait.  I bought some new embroidery designs last night that I’ll soon try out and have some older ones that I have yet to stitch.  For now I think I’ll just enjoy the quiet.  See ya!