Brighter Day

Gosh, where to start…  We’ve been too busy lately to look up.  The only time I tried to post ended in the disaster I called August and having a matrimonial fit.  Fit over and happier days evolved.  So now we live in 2 houses.  We’re remodeling one to move into and then this one will be redone and put on the market.

Wow, that is a lot said in a few sentences.  We have replaced the roof.  Replaced 273 running feet of privacy fence, torn out parts of 2 bathrooms.  Torn out a hall closet and the wall between the dining and living rooms.  The kitchen appliances have mostly been removed.  A gas line is being installed for the new gas range in lieu of the old electric one.  Torn out almost all of the floors and flooring, poured a concrete floor where none existed and temporarily fixed a tripping hazard (of two to be permanently repaired).  We’ve replaced the electrical box (well, the electrician did) and are in the process of rewiring most of the house and moving all the wiring from the missing wall.  We’ve removed 3 trees and most of the overgrowth from the front flower bed.  We’re about to get rid of a structure and the hot tub it contains.  Is that all?

So, remaining to be done: sheetrock 3 walls, install all the new lighting, ceiling fans and electric including switches and plugs, install new floors (after repairing the slab), install new windows, build deck, take down 2 more trees, replace all the HVAC, ducts and insulation.  Then we have to rebuild one bathroom (all supplies on site), tear out the tub surround on the second bath then tile, replace all faucets in kitchen and both baths and install floor tile in the en suite.  Then we need a new front and storm door, and a new sliding glass door with dog door installed.  One (of 2) garage doors needs repair and opener installed.  Am I done yet?

The entire inside has to be painted after walls are repaired, new kitchen appliances and back splash installed.  Part of the outside needs a new, brighter color with new house numbers.  Two new trees to be planted and some landscaping remaining to be decided.  Then we have to move.  Am I crying yet?  O M G!!!!!!!!!  I hate the thought of moving 26 years of accumulated crap from one house to another.  I’ll let you know if I survive.



What can I say?  Yuck. See ya later, alligator (when I’m in a better mood).