Survived Thus Far

Okay…  New HVAC almost finished.  Electrical finished.  Most of the plumbing finished.  Waiting for the exterminator (tomorrow), kitchen countertops (Friday), re-installing the bathtub in the en suite today. Once the exterminating is done we will get the carpenter back in and start putting this puppy back together again.  Kitchen cabinets will be painted, sheetrock repaired, cabinet built in en suite, ensuite vanity, toilet, mirror, etc., installed.  Then tiling all of en suite and on to kitchen backsplash.  After everything is painted we will move on to putting in the flooring.  Then we should be able to clean up and start moving.

Here, I am cleaning out crap that I don’t intend to move, but I’ve only scratched the surface, believe me!  We have to go pick out tile and flooring this week and somewhere in there carve out some time for ourselves.

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