O M G We’ve Moved!

Two weeks ago we began the moving process.  Today we’re kinda, sorta moved.  Boxes everywhere (but not as many) and some things are still missing in action.  What happened to the bowls and glassware?  Where is my mouthwash?  All replaceable but annoying.

I completely transformed my sewing room in this house.  For years I’ve had everything on cafeteria-style tables that were too deep but long enough.  I had a small closet that contained far too much junk for my own good.  Now I have an actual desk, storage units and half the office from our previous house.  Hubby and I shared the old office and since Mom’s death I have slowly moved more and more into my sewing room.  After a year most of her stuff is over and done but storage goes on.  Today I received the last of my storage units; I know hubby can’t wait to put them all together.  And I can’t wait to rearrange all my stuff.  It’ll look so much better when it’s over.  Best part is it’s P U R P L E!  My favorite color!!!!

The dogs seem to have adapted much faster than we have.  Within a couple of days they were relaxed and protecting their new home base.  Even though we still have several truck loads of construction crap to haul off they are enjoying the bigger yard.

My husband has gained a private office, if you can call it that.  It will also double as the guest room on occasion.  But it won’t be lavender like the last office.  We painted it a very pale green and drapes are on order.  A trundle bed has been donated by my sister.  As soon as we get enough floor cleaned out we’ll go pick it up and get it out of her way.  It’ll be interesting to see how that room comes together.

Our bedroom is the disaster.  Our furniture is too big for the space.  Guess we’ll have to go buy smaller nightstands and revamp the bed somehow.  Currently my nightstand is in the office and I have a couple of plastic containers doing its job.  The bed is too high for my short legs so we have a rudimentary step so I can get in to sleep.  I have to dress in the sewing room because I have no place to sit in the bedroom.  It’ll work out somehow.

The hall bath is still a work in progress.  I think it’ll require a wall cabinet to contain all of DH’s toiletries and towels.  My things are in the en suite and I have enough room so far.  Still buying knick knacks for storage.  Only 2 drapes up.  One miniblind needs replacement (still in the box in the dining room floor).  A door will be replaced eventually; windows too.  And some landscaping must be done.

The living room still needs tables and lamps but is complete for the most part.  I’ll still have to get rugs and decorations but that’s the fun part, right?  I’ll have to buy bowls and glassware if we don’t find the box containing those from the previous address.  I don’t mind that either; it’ll give me a chance to customize a bit.

I wish I’d kept a log over the past year.  I wrote a few things here but it has been a circus.  Most of the time I didn’t have time or energy to even update this blog.  Hopefully that will ease up now.