Hello, 2020

Not a very original title, huh? Sitting here making phone calls to catch up on business after the turn of the decade. Errands done, ZsaZsa picked up from grooming (she’s a happy puppy now and smells wonderful!), dog meds picked up from the vet in Friendswood. So I’ve been on the road all morning then on the phone for a couple of hours since I got home. Not much accomplished around here obviously.

On a more positive note, I have a new great-grandson. I got to meet him yesterday for the first time; he’s a week old today and will be living in El Paso with his dads. He’s a cute little thing and we already love him dearly. I don’t think they’d appreciate me posting pictures but just know that he’s ADORABLE!

Things are moving right along on the home front. Most of the boxes stacked inside the house have been sorted. The garage has cleared somewhat and most of the stuff from the old house has been brought to the new one. I spent a day in my sewing room going through it all and organizing with my new system. Most of it is now labeled and neat—but that’s because I haven’t started sewing yet. I haven’t done any sewing since Mom died October of 2018 except for a few blankets for the rescue last Xmas. I have 3 projects lined up currently, sewing or making dog harnesses fit. I really don’t care much for sewing as such. I love embroidery and that’s what I want to get back to ASAP.

Here’s a picture of some of my helpers today:

Mimi, Zoe and Gypsy camped out in the sewing room with Mom

DH is at the old house today power-washing concrete so it’s quiet here.  I’m about to turn on my tv and get started so it’ll get more active really soon.  Just wanted to check in.  Easy, quiet day.


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