Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Heat!!!!!!!!

We spent a week with no hot water in the new house.  First the old water heater wouldn’t start.  DH said he’d had trouble with the ignitor before so he’d keep working on it.  After a couple of days he decided it wasn’t the ignitor but the thermocouple, so he pulled it and we spent a couple of days looking for a new one, only to find out they hadn’t made them in 16 years.  After discussion we decided to upgrade to tankless.  Then came 3 days of getting estimates and having the system installed.  Finally yesterday we got hot water again.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t have to boil it anymore; so happy for small things like hot water.

Today I have the great opportunity to do a week’s worth of laundry, all the rugs and dog things, strip the guest room bed and redress, and set up my 10 needle to embroider again.  I don’t think I’ll get all that done but I’ve got a start on it anyway.  Wish me luck.

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