Cooking Beans

… and various other activities at the new house.  I just ordered what I hope to be the last drapes for the new house.  The new mattress is to be delivered today.  The patio furniture starts today and finishes Monday. The new windows are installed except for one that will be installed in another week.  We’ve both been to the eye doctor…and will never go back to them again.  DH went to an ophthalmologist yesterday and both of us have scheduled new eye exams with another doctor.  DH had his dental; mine is soon.  We’re definitely catching up.

The new floors will be installed in the old house as soon as the supplies are received.  Still remaining is a punch list and some plants to give a little more curb appeal.  Then it can go on the market.  (I hope it sells soon!!!!!!!!!!!)  Just about everything that was lost in the move has been replaced.  Most of the valuable keepsakes have been found.  A LOT has been donated to various places and the garage remains full of yet-to-be-sorted variables.  The guest room is set up per se, except for the piles of boxes yet to be emptied and organized.  My sewing room is pretty much complete as of today.  My machines are clean and working; they all have electrical cords again and all of the dog pee has been removed once again.  We have to put the miniblinds back in the windows; the drapes are back up already.  We’ll have to do the same when they come back to replace the last window next Friday.  It’s a pain and windows are expensive but I don’t regret it at all.  The change in external sounds and the loss of air leaks is palpable already.  Once the patio door is replaced we should save a lot on our energy bills in this house.

It’s all been an uphill battle but we’re finally coming over the hill and see the sun again.  I never realized how much work and expense this endeavor would entail and if I had to do it again I don’t think I would.  But from this angle I’m glad it’s done.  It’s pretty cool having a “custom” home again.  The dogs are ever so happy and content in this house.  They have a bigger, nicer yard and they seem more settled for some reason.  Since they all grew up in the other house this surprises us.  Two days into this house it was like they all just relaxed and that was it.  It wasn’t that easy an adjustment for us but it’s become home now.  I lived in the last house 26 years so moving was a big change for me; I never thought I’d feel comfortable here but thankfully that’s changed as I’ve put more of myself into decorating it.  Cool beans….which is where I came in.


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