Dogs And Houses

We sold our old house!  Yay!  Now we only have one to do upkeep on, insurance, taxes, etc.  And, like magic, our animals got our attention in a big way.  We were going on a “six-pack” car ride.  All the dogs run out to the car and get in; the littles are carried.  Everything was fine: beautiful Sunday afternoon and all was right with the world.  The dogs were happily excited and ready to go.  We got out of the house and into the car, counted to make sure the entire six-pack had made it.  All was well.  We rode to Starbucks for coffee and puppy whips; no problems.  We got home and unloaded the car.  Khandi was still in the back seat when I was getting out.  For some reason she didn’t get out of the car and her front legs were resting on the console.  I lifted her rear legs and put her down beside the car then continued into the house with Khandi beside/behind me.  No thought to any problems at all.  Got in my chair to drink my coffee and looked down to see Khandi trying to walk on the top of her left rear leg instead of the bottom of her foot.  Something was wrong!

I hollered at DH that we needed to watch Khandi because something was definitely wrong.  We watched her lose more and more control of her rear legs throughout the evening.  About 11 I was scared about her situation.  We loaded her up and went to the ER.  We called in to make sure they were there and could see her.  When we got there, there were 19 animals ahead of her.  It was hot; the mosquitos were too outrageous to keep the car windows down, and because of the pandemic we couldn’t go into the clinic.  We would start the car from time to time when the heat got too bad and Khandi was panting but after 2 hours I called in again.  They said it would probably be another hour or two.  It was 2:30 AM; we decided not to wait and went home.  First thing the next morning DH called a vet to get her in asap.

The vet had never seen her before so she had no idea of her normal state except for what we told her.  X-rays and assessments followed.  They ended up keeping her for several days for various treatments.  We finally got to bring her home but she is confined to a crate except for bathroom breaks that we carry her out to and in from.  She is better.  She’s gone back for treatments and medications and home now for 2 weeks to see how recovery goes.  We don’t know if she will heal completely.  She can stand and walk some; it’s easier for her in the grass than inside on the rugs, but she still falls over some especially as she tires.  She’s still on 3 meds twice a day and doesn’t seem to be in any pain at all.  But she’s getting spoiled…and she’s never been before.

She’d never barked at us in the entire 4 years since we rescued her.  On Sunday I was getting ready to make a coffee run and Khandi was in her crate.  All of a sudden she started barking (at the top of lungs!).  We turned around and looked at her in disbelief.  She was happy and excited; she wanted to go!  DH said he’d better put on his shoes because we were obviously going to take the six-pack again.  Since she spends the majority of her time in the crate and the rest of her time in DH’s arms/lap (she’s a Daddy’s girl), she gets crate crazy; that’s entirely understandable.  But she’s always been the dog that is quiet and demure and minds better than the rest even though she’s definitely the alpha dog.  It was so cute that she was excited to go.  After a week of feeling awful our girl was back even better.  We’re still hanging in there with her recuperation and doctor’s orders but we feel a little more secure that she’s not given up yet…neither have we.