Twas The Night Before Surgery

…and all through the house…  Wrong story.  Surgery in the morning to try to fix my eye.  Wasn’t really scared for the first eye surgery but very jittery about this one.  Will it hurt?  Will they be able to fix it?  Will I get my vision back or am I permanently blind?  (gods, what an awful thought!)

In the photo above the left side is the front of my eye.  The right side is the optical nerve and blood vessels.  The triangular spiderweb in the middle is what they’re going to remove tomorrow.  Right now I see the world through a cloud.  They’re also repairing a spot on the cornea where the new lens was installed in August so my eye opening to the world will be a regular circle.  The spiderweb has distorted it somewhat.  I’ve been dilating my eye with drops twice a day for 2 months to keep it from closing completely off.

They will stick 3 needles in my eye.  One to extract the cloud of spiderwebs from the inflammation of the healing infection.  One will be a light.  One will be putting liquid back into the eyeball.  This will be the 3rd time they’ve stuck needles in my eye.  The first one was so painful that I almost threw the doctor against the wall.  She recovered quickly, thankfully.  I, however, almost screamed.   The next day a different doctor from the same practice stuck a needle under my eye (he said I may have a black eye from it, but I didn’t) and deadened the optic nerve.  From there on out there was no pain, but I was scared the whole time.  I hate the thought of doing those a third time.  Makes me anxious just thinking about it.

We have to be in Houston (52 miles away) by 6:30 AM.  I’m not a morning person since I worked rotating shifts the majority of my life (and loved nights) so I probably won’t even try to sleep tonight.  Getting up at 4:30 AM sux!  I have all the paperwork printed, map printed, signed all the papers and picked up new meds at CVS.  Next is a shower and pack a change of clothing in case they keep me overnight (not likely but possible, they said).  Then, good ole TV until time to leave.

Don’t know what else to say but trying not to cry.  Wish me luck!

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