Vision Quest

Saw the retina specialist and the ophthalmologist this week. Got 2 more injections into my left eyeball. That makes 13 total (I hope that is the last of them), however, now that the infection is gone they are able to deaden it sufficiently that we don’t have to deaden the optic nerve first. You’ve never lived until you see this big, honking needle coming directly at your eye and stuck in under the eye to inject pain medicine. The injections this time were for pain during the injection then cortisone to assist healing. He put me on another anti-inflammatory drop 4 times per day for a total of two prescriptions and 8 drops per day and I go back in two weeks.

My vision is clearing though still blurry enough that it’s difficult to read the small letters or focus on facial features on the TV screen. However, night before last I could read them all so I’m assuming that it’s all trying to clear. I’m going to get some glasses in 7-10 days that will correct some of it and help the vision in my right eye cope with the load.

I am able to sleep in my bed now although I’m more comfortable in the recliner. I can drive, bend at the waist, pick up the dogs, do laundry, etc., normally. I am beginning to get my life back. Today I had the hope that perhaps with the glasses I’ll be able to sew again. Hope reigns!

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