Getting My Life Back

Today was Khandi’s first visit with the new vet. Now they all have been registered locally. All have been healthy lately except Zoe—again. She’s having digestive issues again and has lost 2 more ounces (she only weighs 3.6 pounds). Took her back to the last vet who treated her belly and they’ve put her back on probiotics and have gotten rid of the diarrhea. She’s still having cramping after dinner so we’re still working on fine-tuning her treatment. Otherwise, we have one dental and 3 flu shots for our canine babes, then we’re finished for another year. Even after everything that’s happened in our lives this year we’ve managed to keep up with the furbabies.

My eyes are definitely better than they were two weeks ago. I go back to the retina specialist this week and I have new glasses ordered (for both eyes!) so help is near.

I have started back decorating our new (to us) house and am able to drive, cook a little, clean a little and do laundry. I’m fully functional on the computer and looking forward to getting back to sewing when I get the new glasses. Yay!!!!!!!!