Happy 17th Birthday, Mimi

She made it! We were wondering, with her health history, if she’d even make another birthday. But she surprised us by sailing on by as if it were nothing. Since she is the nervous type we didn’t take her shopping but she had a lovely car ride. We put her in a cute pink dress that says “Happy girls are the prettiest” and took her to Starbucks first for a puppychino. Then, we went to Sonic and got hamburger patties and a cup of ice cream. Of course, she greeted all the servers and inspected every menu. She smelled all the smells, got some strategic barking in, and basked in the breezes from the open window of each stop. She loved it all; I took all kinds of pictures just in case this really is her last birthday.

All else has quieted down a bit. Zoe’s tummy seems to have calmed down and she’s off a lot of the medications. She is on prescription food and takes an arthritis pain medicine, then Pepcid every 12 hours. The culprit we think (and the vet agrees) was the probiotics that were bloating her up. We thought we were helping with prescription probiotics. Learned something new. The vet (new one that didn’t prescribe them) says she has another client who had issues with gas while taking probiotics. She says she doesn’t prescribe them at all. We still think she has a sensitive stomach but it’s far less now. Fingers crossed she will not go back to being so sick. Too bad there’s no prescription for being spoiled rotten.

I’m trying to get myself motivated to sew again. I won’t know if my vision is good enough if I don’t try. It will be months before it’s any better. I’ve got to wean off the eye drops and maintain/reduce the inflammation that remains. I go to the retina specialist again next week so we’ll get an update. I’m going to him monthly now and to the ophthalmologist every three months. So I don’t get as many updates as I once did. I just do my drops and go on with whatever I want to do. I’m so tired of being stuck in the recliner the majority of my time; I’ve got to get more active again; I feel so tired all the time. And discouraged. And old…I had another birthday in January. I’m at the age where I have to subtract to see how old I am. Age has stopped mattering. Once you’re retired and established as such, there aren’t a whole lot of surprises left. LOL

Today the house cleaner and the yard man are here at the same time. We ought to be pretty inside and out after this. I have the girls in the office with me to keep them from being underfoot of the cleaner. If we start having someone come more often we’ll let the girls get used to her. Right now, Mimi is barking (She can’t hear much so she barks a lot. I wonder if it works like sonar.) One is in the dog bed. One is on my lap. One is under my desk. One is wandering around being a blithering idiot and the last one is laying down staring at the door like it will magically open if she barks at it. I love this life!

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