Rest In Peace, Miss Fancypants

Right before we left home to take her to the vet

This was the last time my “three little black girls” were in the same photo (and, as always, Dusty’s photobombing).  R was taking the photo but I just lost it.  Couldn’t do anything but hold her and cry.  This is her daily medicine schedule board

In April 2017 she was 16 1/2.  She’d had congestive heart failure for a few years but it was being controlled with medication.  Then in November she got a corneal abrasion and she’s been in and out of the ophthalmologist’s office and up to 6 times per day medicating her eyes.  One eye seemed better but the other was still full of calcium deposits.  She was still going, although slowing down a lot.  She slept a lot.  When she walked she’d stumble sometimes.  With her failing eyesight she would walk into the walls and furniture…or us.  But a couple of weeks ago we found out her kidneys were

Last unhurried nap before we left the house

beginning to fail, too.  We treated them with meds and with subcutaneous fluid.  Just like with Buffy and Jolie, we had to stick a needle into Fancy to get extra fluid to flush her kidneys.  It was only 3 times per week then, but it would have escalated to every day then to twice per day.  I wasn’t going to make another sick pin cushion out of an already ill and fading animal.  No more!  So we chose to say goodbye in a humane manner then cremate her so her ashes can be buried in the backyard alongside her other doggie sisters through the years.

Fancy’s last trip to PetSmart

This is how bad she felt, especially while having to wear the cone of shame for her eyes.

Last puppy whip at Starbuck