ZsaZsa’s Fifth

ZsaZsa’s favorite position

Since we’ve been super busy on the house remodeling it took several days before we were actually able to take ZsaZsa out to celebrate her fifth birthday. She is our baby, the youngest of our girls, so it was really important to celebrate especially this year. She was a rescue who had been kept in the backyard for the first 18 months of her life. She was afraid of everything, wouldn’t touch fabric of any kind and shivered a lot. We bathed her 3 times the first night we got her. She was full of burrs, even between her toes. She was so matted and filthy that we weren’t sure what color she was. She is a designer dog, a Schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle), who was supposed to be hypoallergenic for the child in the home. The child was still allergic so the dog went to the backyard. We used to hear her crying while we watched TV. DH would take her a treat and stick it between the boards in the fence. Sometimes I would cry, too. So sad. Finally, it was going to freeze outside so the people gave her to us.

I was already in love with her because we had babysat once while they were on vacation. It was love at first sight. I would carry her from room to room with me and she’d sit quietly and shiver. Poor little thing.

It took a bit before she came to trust that we wouldn’t holler at her for sitting in our lap or laying on the couch beside us. The turning point was when DH put a little cushion between our bed pillows and placed her there. She shivered and looked at us with big, frightened eyes as we lay down with her and petted her. She never moved the rest of the night. The pillow became hers at night. One morning she wasn’t there when we awoke–she was under the covers between us…and that’s where she sleeps every night now.

She sits on the couch, owns my lap, owns the car and demands we roll the window down so she can put her head into the wind. She chases cars (from her couch inside the car), screams in delight and wants to go everywhere we do. After 18 months of only seeing the inside of a wooden fence, we understand her thoughts. She loves everything and everyone. She bounces vertically when she’s excited so we call her our “bouncy bounce”. She’s such a happy creature and we hope to share her life far into the future. Happy birthday, ZsaZsa!!!!!!

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