Day Three, Where Are You?

I got lost before Day 3. Still haven’t embroidered the blankets but I have accomplished other things. I’m able to be more active and trying to drive more so I can feel more comfortable behind the wheel. I still want to be able to drive to visit family in Austin. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and pledged to find out why I was so sleepy all the time. I slept as much in the recliner as I did at night, and I never had any ambition or energy during the day. So I looked up my prescriptions and stopped the ones that could be sedating. I stopped 2 which helped immensely. I can’t stop my blood pressure medication and that’s the last sedating one. I’ve stopped sleeping during the day now. That’s a start. But I have insomnia from hell because one I stopped was my night time sleeping pill. I may start that at half strength and see if I can function.

I went back to the retina specialist and he says I have permanent damage to my retina due to scarring from the infection. My vision is 20-30 and blurry most of the time. Sux. I’d have never agreed to cataract surgery if I’d known I’d have to deal with this! Who would?

DH bought a new tool shed (20′ x 12′) and installed it in the backyard. He’s brought home everything he still had in storage, so for the first time in about 20 years we don’t have to pay monthly storage fees. Next on the agenda is to replace the driveway and patio, then build a Four Seasons room on the patio foundation. Some day it’ll all be nice.

The dogs are doing well. Zoe had an inflamed conjunctiva on her left eye so went to see the vet. But she is doing fine now. Here is a pic of her in her party hat:

Other than those things we’re just rocking along and trying to get out of the house more, spend more quality time together and establish new patterns/habits with the pandemic aftermath…just like everyone else.

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