Still Lost, But In My Own Mind Now

Not much done in the way of sewing but no time to myself lately, however, it’s about to change. Today I’m loading Windows 11 on my computers. One done, then system file errors on a laptop. This is taking a while so I may not finish them all today. However, I’m pleased with Windows 11, not many changes in anything but the interface that I’ve seen.

The dogs are doing well health-wise. Everyone seems to be on best behavior with their health. Mimi is visibly going downhill but when you’re 88 in dog years it’s normal to no longer be your best, right? She goes to the vet Monday to get her meds checked but not expecting to hear any bad news.

Everything is going well health wise for us, too. I’m going to be having a YAG laser treatment on my left eye toward the end of the month. I’m hoping that will take the blurriness away. I have 20-40 vision but the blurring makes my vision less clear. Fingers crossed.

I fully intended to start embroidering today until I stumbled across the new Windows 11 release. My first love is computers, computing, and all related fields. I bought some new designs that I’m going to test for baby gifts. And I have some xmas designs to test too. I figure I’ll have both machines running again. That seems to be when I’m happiest…when all irons are in the fire at the same time. LOL Pictures later.

…Back to computing.