Baby Steps

Votive Wrap

Okay. Step One. This will be a free-standing lace votive wrap. It’ll go around a glass votive candle for Xmas. I also did a stitch test (3 tests actually until I got it adjusted) on the 10 needle. That doesn’t count for a lot of sewing but both machines are clean and oiled.

Mostly I’ve been fighting with HP over a laptop I ordered on October 14th. It was supposed to ship November 19th. I got an email last week saying it would ship early(?) on December 2nd. I called them; Tanya said the email was an error and it would ship on November 19th; if it didn’t she would call me. Never heard from her and no shipment notification. I sent an email to their customer service about it. They said to check back Monday (today) or Tuesday but it should ship the 19th. Nothing all weekend. Nothing this morning; today is the 22nd. About 3:30 I get an email that it might ship on December 9th. So this morning I ordered a scratch and dent Surface from Woot which is due in 3-5 days. At least I’ll have something until HP gets off their butts and does their jobs. I’m so angry! I will NEVER order another computer from HP. This is about the 30th HP computer we’ve bought over the years. We’ve bought computers for all of our kids and grandkids, and multiples for us from Windows 3.1 to Windows 11. We’ve done the Apple scene, IOS, Android, multiple PDA OS’s, Chromebooks, etc. But, no more from HP. I’m done!!!!!!!

I have the last load of laundry in the dryer. I feel like I spend my life washing clothes. Yesterday I did bedding. First I washed the new sheets I bought, then the bedspread that was on the bed. That is a story unto itself. Our Samsung washing machine, bought new when we moved here 2 years ago, won’t spin anything heavy. So we can no longer wash cushions, pillows or bedspreads. I threw away most of the cushions, put zippered covers on all the pillows but still have to wash the king sized bedspread from time to time. I wash it and then my husband takes over and it takes a couple of extra hours to get enough water out of the spread that it will spin enough water out that it can go into the (also brand new) Samsung dryer. Then it takes 3-4 hours in the dryer before it is dry enough to actually use. I have looked into purchasing an industrial washer now. Maybe that’ll be Xmas this year.

I think it sounds like a pitcher-of-Margaritas-day! Time to go feed the dogs. See ya!

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