HP Lying Again

Khandi and Zoe on my desk today

Well, the last of the HP saga is that the laptop will ship December 6th. (Loud scream here!!) I did receive my Surface tablet and it will be fine until the laptop arrives. Then, this morning (Sunday) when I checked my email, lo and behold, there was an email from HP saying the laptop shipped from China today. OMG! Do I believe this email? They sent a tracking number so time will tell. Argh!

More laundry today (and yesterday). The new sheets were a no go because they wouldn’t stay on the mattress. Wah! I loved the color (light blue) and the feel of the soft fabric. We didn’t need sheets; I just wanted to match the wall color, which I picked out.

The pack is doing well. Saturday will be Khandi’s 11th birthday; I’m looking forward to it. We rescued her when she was 6 in Dickinson. She’s been a great girl and since Bandit’s death January 2020 she’s been the leader of the pack. She’s a great alpha. Nobody crosses her, not because she’s mean but she never makes a sound unless there’s somebody walking down the street that she doesn’t approve. She’s a chiweenie but when she barks she sounds like the biggest dog in the world! The sound comes from deep in her chest and out the loud speaker that is her mouth. When she barks she commands attention and doesn’t take no for an answer. Occasionally she’ll roll one of the little ones with her nose but she doesn’t hurt them. She weighs 15 pounds; Zoe is 4 pounds so when she’s rolled over forcefully she whimpers and scrambles for cover. But Khandi cuddles the littles and treats them gently most of the time. We wouldn’t let her hurt them.

Mimi, 17, thought she would be alpha when Bandit, who was 38 pounds, wasn’t in the top dog spot and she is not happy about Khandi being the boss dog. Mimi will jump Khandi just about on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day. Khandi jumps back with that devasting bark and dishes out enough menace that Mimi backs off. But Mimi will jump on all the dogs when she’s in one of her moods. Yesterday it was Zoe. Mimi is an 11 pound Chihuahua so she’s much larger than our “babydoll”, Zoe, at 4 pounds. Mimi bites; she even bites people, and with no warning growl. You are bleeding before you know she’s mad. She strikes like a rattler and doesn’t care what damage she leaves in her wake. We rescued Mimi from a shelter; they were going to euthanize her if no one took her before the end of the day. She was what the shelter called “kennel crazy”; nobody could handle her. She bit anyone that came close to her. We assumed that if we got her out of the shelter environment she would calm down and we could get her adopted. Wrong!!! She bit me after I got her home then bit DH every day for 3 weeks afterward. No one would adopt a dog that bites so she’s still here.

Mimi will be 18 in January and is visibly fading, however she has yet to stop attacking the other dogs, especially Khandi. We are trying to make every day count for her since, as the vet stated, she is past her expiration date. She loves DH and follows him like a tail. If he leaves the house she has separation anxiety, barking and pacing. She expects him to carry her in the crook of his elbow and hold her when he sits. She watches him like she expects him to vaporize if she doesn’t. Obviously he can’t be with her as often as she wants but he’s done a commendable job, especially since I was the one who got her from the shelter. Gotta love him!

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