Rainbow Bridge: Meet Mimi

Miss Mimi started a steep downhill slide just after Christmas. By the first week of January it looked particularly dire. She didn’t want to eat, then couldn’t walk without wobbling. Then we had to carry her out to the potty and hand feed her. We knew how miserable she was and made that hard decision to euthanize. We planned on taking her Friday, but when I got up Friday morning she had taken the decision out of our hands. She had gone peacefully. It’s amazing how quiet it gets around here when one of our babies leaves suddenly. She’s been gone a week now and the pack is just beginning to normalize. We’ve been spending a lot of time babying the girls and taking them in the car on almost a daily basis. It’s just beginning to gel.

Mimi’s last week

Gypsy has continued to suffer pain from her neck issues and is still taking pain medication most days. We have an appointment for Gypsy and Zoe on Monday to get shots and renew meds. Zoe seems fine, having just turned 9 years old on Thursday. We took her out for her birthday ride and spoil, of course.

Zoe’s 9th birthday–Starbucks goatee

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