No Complaints, I Suppose…Maybe

Life is quiet right now. Little blips on a daily basis at people who refuse to use their heads for anything other than decoration. Such is Life, I suppose. I try not to get aggravated at other people’s garbage but sometimes it’s causes a blip on my screen.

The girls are all doing well. We’ve been to the vet multiple times with Gypsy and Zoe, and once with ZsaZsa (for shots). Gypsy is having all kinds of health issues that we didn’t know existed. She has collapsing trachea, stones in both kidneys, a host of lab values we’re trying to correct and now she’s on special food, like Zoe. Too bad it’s not the same special food. LOL Both seem to be doing better. We’ve changed Gypsy’s meds multiple times but now we’ve hit a good place. As long as she doesn’t sneeze so much she doesn’t irritate her neck as much, so we no longer have to medicate for pain and inflammation. Now we’re treating for the cause of the allergies and stopping the sneezing. She goes back in a week to recheck her urine issues. ZsaZsa goes back for a vaccine booster. Zoe goes back for a urine recheck; she’s finished with boosters. Then we’ll have to get Khandi in to start her shots. She’s up to date on most everything except leptospirosis which is a whole new vaccine.

The retina specialist told me last month that I needed new glasses. What? I had just been to the eye doctor and no one said anything about new glasses would help. He kept telling me there was nothing else they could do. So, I made another appointment with the optometrist. Of course, our optometrist had retired overnight (??????) so we had to change doctors immediately. Strange. So, come to find out they knew in November that I needed new glasses but they never changed them. So, here I’m complaining to the retina specialist about my vision; he’s talking another surgery; I’m depressed over my bad vision, etc., and I just need new glasses! See what I mean about people not using their heads? I got new glasses and went from 20-165 to 20-40 vision instantly. Jeez!!!!!!!! I can see better now than I have for almost two years. Not perfect but good enough. Almost miraculous how much better I see. Of course, if I take the glasses off I’m lost, but with them I’m good.

Other than all that life has been chill. Weather has been up and down, but that’s Texas normal. No place has as much beautiful weather as Texas. Clear blue skies, puffy white clouds, a little breeze spells TEXAS. So does dropping 40 degrees in an hour and show-stopping rainstorms when blue skies were forecast. You never know around here; just be prepared for anything and you’ll never be disappointed.