It’s A Dog’s Life Here

Gypsy loves relaxing on her couch in my sewing room. We love happy doggies. All seem to be happy and healthy right now.

Prepping for surgery in a couple of weeks. Trying to hire a house cleaner and catch up on what I can prior to being out of commission for a month or so. Sometimes my To Do list is longer than my energy supply. Guess that’s what old age does for you. But, the alternative is not feasible.

Spring Has Sprung, I Think

The squirrels and birds are enjoying the gorgeous weather, and so are we! The dogs are giving the squirrels fits but not bad enough that they stop coming back to eat all day every day. Flowers are blooming so it’s pleasant to watch the dramas.

All the girls are doing well. Khandi had her last vaccination booster yesterday. Zoe has one more in May. Other than that we’re on maintenance again. Fingers crossed that we can coast for a while again.

DH and I are both having orthopedic surgery this year so we’re doing doctor visits, etc., in preparation. Another year in retirement; another joint replacement or two.

All in all, it’s just beautifully quiet and life is peaceful. Trying to keep it that way.