Tasks and Helpers

Zoe, my bath mate— When I need a bath she lays on my used clothing and keeps me company.

Well, all surgeries are over for the year (I hope, anyway). DH is home from the hospital after a two week stay. My physical therapy is complete; his physical therapy is ongoing and we’re just trying to live our lives again.

The girls didn’t know how to function with their daddy away for 2 weeks. It was very quiet around here. I went to the hospital most days, but he never came home with me. The dogs were suspicious but very quiet and well-behaved. Maybe they thought I’d lose them, too. The first couple of days he was home, they remained quiet. It was as if they were afraid they’d run him off again. He’s been home almost a week now so they’re back to full volume and demanding his attention once more. All, it seems, is right with the world again.


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