Noise and Loathing

The past two days the house has been more alive than normal. We bought two new back doors and two new front doors. The workmen got here at 9 AM yesterday and installed the new sliding glass doors and the doggie door (through the brick wall, no less). They were here all day yesterday and then back this morning to install the new front door and storm door. It’s going to be nice when quiet once again prevails.

ZsaZsa and Zoe holding my desk down

I just got home from taking the two big girls to Starbucks. They all love to ride in the car, but I can’t take all four by myself. They all want to drive and I can’t reach the steering wheel safely. So, DH keeps the littles and I take the bigs. We can’t take a chance on their safety so we each take responsibility for two at a time.

Today the doors have been removed from the front of the house pending replacement, so if we set them free they will be down the street or in the street, or both. I’m parked in my office with computer, TV and the dogs. DH is coming to take one at a time on the leash so they can see what is going on in their house. They’re not so excitable today; yesterday they thought it was their job to eat the workmen, or at least to let them know who was boss. At the end of the day they’ll not only have their 48″ window to look through but a glass storm door to see even more of their world. It’ll be worth it for all of us. And it’s all hurricane safe double glass panes so it cuts the outside noise noticeably. Safety and beauty: you can’t beat the combination in my opinion.

New Sliding Doors

Gypsy inspecting installation of the new doggie door

Today we’ll get to see the new front doors. Goody!!!!!!!!

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