Yes, Still Here

It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated; it’s hard to believe it’s taken me that long to have 2 thoughts to rub together.  I’m in Austin, Texas, in someone else’s home, with someone else’s dogs.  Don’t get ahead of me…it’s my son’s house and his dogs, and I’m just visiting.  I’m the grandma of the week.  My oldest grandson is in the hospital in Colorado having had brain surgery on March 15th.  His younger brother is in Texas still going to school.  Mom is in Colorado; Dad in Texas.  Cole (the younger) leaves for school after Dad has to leave for work and gets out of school before Dad gets home from work.  Therein lies the rub.  So, Mom’s mom (Granny) was here for ~10-12 days but her vacation ran out.  Then, I (Nana) came in for the last few days before Mom and Blake come home to Texas.  Get it?  I’m on vacation, in other words.  I’m in a huge house with my own suite which includes a walk-in closet and a full bath.  I couldn’t afford this if it was a hotel!  Of course, I will take photos but right now I’m resting while the housekeepers spiff up.  What a life!

Sophie and Buster, our grand-dogs

These are my housemates today.  The little one won’t put down the toy even to sleep.  Her name is Sophie.  The big boy on the right is Buster Brown.  We almost lost him last Fall; he was so sick!  He had an autoimmune condition and turned bright yellow.  He spent a couple of weeks in intensive care and had a 20% survival estimate.  But he pulled it out and this week I’ll get all his cuddles while Cole is in school.  Buster is an A1 cuddle-bunny.

At home I left hubby and 7 dogs, a sick mother and 55 gallons of tropical fish (that I hope he remembers to feed this week).  We are back up to 7 dogs again.  After we lost Fancypants we spent a few months broken-hearted.  Then, my mom fell and broke her hip and went into the hospital, then to rehab, then home for 3 weeks, then back in the hospital then to a different rehab, then back home again.  Busy four months.

The first of January ( I think it was New Year’s Day, in fact), the next door neighbors gave us their dog.  Their little girl was highly allergic so the 18 month old pup was relegated to the back yard for about a year.  It was about to freeze overnight so it was the best time for them to give her to us…they couldn’t bring her in and they couldn’t leave her out.  We had known we were going to get her because the little girl had been sick for a while; it was a matter of time until they could bear to part with “Zazzles” the Schnoodle (designer mix of Schnauzer and poodle).

Of course, the first thing with a new animal is straight to the vet where we found out that our Zsa Zsa (well, what you do with Zazzles?????????)  needed to be spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and treated for heartworms.  To date all is complete except the second heartworm treatment which is scheduled for next week.  She’s doing great, is full of energy and happy as a clam.  Besides a new name she has been groomed twice to look like a Schnauzer (we haven’t tried the poodle cut yet).

Zsa Zsa’s first grooming
“Yes, Mom, I’m still working on doing the laundry but the children won’t mind!”

Which leaves Mom, still in a wheelchair, unable to walk, incontinent and, well, still Mom.

Mom and her dog, Pepper

See why I’m having such a good time in Austin?  LOL  The wildflowers are blooming everywhere (No, I have no pictures yet.  Someone has to drive, you know.). The pollen is outrageous.  My asthma is trying to kill me.  But vacation is vacation, ya’ll!

More another day and I’ll try to get bluebonnet photos.


Happy Medium

I think life has died down to a dull roar now.  We got Fancy’s ashes back but have yet to bury them in our backyard like we’ve done with the others who have left us.  We didn’t know how the pack would react to her sudden disappearance or which one would become alpha in her place.  She was a good alpha.  She didn’t throw her weight around; she was the “inspector” of all things; she never got vocal except when it was time for her dinner and we were dragging our feet; she never reprimanded any of the pack for grievances even when she should have.  Fancy was a calm, cool canine.

No one in the pack has claimed the alpha position.  At various times one or the other is loudest or tries harder to communicate their wants and/or needs, etc.  Khandi has taken over inspector duties.  She’s in the middle of everything that goes on inside or outside; she’s interested in absolutely everything.  She checks on me when I go to the bathroom like Fancy did.  She tells me when it’s dinnertime as Fancy did, but Khandi is not verbal about it; she gets in my lap and puts her face into mine so I can’t see anything but her then licks me on the nose.  I tried to tell her she was too close for me to even focus my eyes on her but she doesn’t get that; she just keeps licking until I get out of the chair and head off to the kitchen.  Bandit was the first one to tell me he was hungry and he’s only done it once.  He licked me on the bottom of my foot!  I went “ew!!!!!!!!!!”, he looked at me mournfully as if pleading so I fed them.  I wondered if he was going to do that every day but that’s the only time he’s done it.

Mimi, now 13, is the eldest dog in the house.  Naturally we wondered if she would be alpha by default, but she hasn’t changed a thing so I don’t think she’s interested.  Otherwise we don’t really have an alpha yet but they’ll let us know when it becomes applicable.  Mimi and Khandi played tug of war on the patio once…the only time Mimi has played with any dog to date.  It was so cute I had to post video on Facebook, so we think Khandi is going to be the best addition we’ve made to the pack in recent memory.  She’s smart and happy and outgoing.  She minds, walks well on a leash and loves people, babies and other dogs.  Another cool canine.

It’s almost 2 AM so I’d better ooze on outta here!


Rest In Peace, Fancypants!

This is her daily medicine schedule board; everything isn’t on here
This is how bad she felt, especially while having to wear the cone of shame for her eyes.
Fancy dressed up and shopping with Daddy



Goodbye, Miss Fancypants!  We miss you so much!  We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got to keep you for 16 1/2 years; wish it could have been forever but you were getting increasingly tired, confused and sicker all the time.

Run wild and free over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You don’t have to be sick anymore!


This is the only thing on her medicine board now
Looking out Daddy’s car window
Last unhurried nap before we left the house
Last puppy whip at Starbuck
Fancy’s last trip to PetSmart
Right before we left home to take her to the vet.  The last time my 3 little black girls were in the same photograph and Dusty photo bombing as usual.













Two Down

Free-Standing Lace Mobile
Kite Wall Hanging








Well, I got the first two projects done.  On to #3 tomorrow.  It’s almost 1 A.M. and I’m reloading the system on my desktop computer.  Had a Windows 10 problem I couldn’t fix any other way.

Today we did some errands including the pet store and then lunch.  Came home and put the mobile and kite together and got them wrapped for presenting next week.  Got another huge design coming up tomorrow and a laptop to load Windows 10 on (just received it in the mail from Amazon tonight).  Happily busy and feeling so much better now that the doctor fixed my medication situation.  It’s nice to feel like a human being on a regular basis again.

Close-up of cactus babies
Cactus that had “babies”








Both cacti

Hope you all have a wonderful night and wake up rested.

March Marches In

First Amaryllis of 2017- more are there now

It’s been a lovely year so far.  We didn’t have much of a winter so everything is green and blooming already and it’s barely March.  Our amaryllis are blooming and the barrel cactus has had babies for the first time.  Joy!

I finally got some sewing time in today.  We’ve got a baby due soon in our group of friends/rescue peeps so that’s where I started today.  I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow.  It’s free standing lace and has to dry after washing off the stabilizer.  I hope to get it constructed tomorrow so I can deliver it Monday (I’ll be in their area).  We finally opened the box for the cap driver for the 10-needle and it has exactly 1 page of instructions.  Hope we can figure it out when we get ready to install it.  LOL  We may be hitting YouTube for suggestions.  I have a surprise gift for someone coming up, too.  It’ll be a challenge I’ve yet to meet.  Then I’ve got ball caps to label; some just need names added, some need simple designs as well.  We’ll see what we can figure out.

We’re beginning to catch up with the dog vetting.  Khandee goes in for her 4 week post-hw treatment checkup on Monday.  Bandit and Dusty will go with her so they can get their yearly vaccinations.  Princess is due; my sister is going to schedule her and get her in.  Then I’ll have a few that will need dental cleanings which I’ll work into the schedule for the rest of the year.

R finally bought his trolling motor that he’s been researching for 2 years.  It’s kind of anticlimactic now.  He had to order it because they no longer stock that model.  It’s supposed to be here by the end of the month.  He’s been playing “boat” more lately, getting it ship-shape for the next fishing trip to Lake Livingston.  He’ll be ready to go when the weather clears up.  There’s rain due off and on the next couple of weeks but when it clears he’ll be long gone.


Finally, A Breather Maybe

Bandit and R Fish Haul
Bandit and R Fish Haul

It has been hectic of late!  I’ve not had much time to myself except when I was sick for a day and didn’t get out of my nightgown.  Feeling better now and beginning to catch up.  Had Khandi, Fancypants, Gypsy (vaccinations), Pepper (vaccinations), Mimi (vaccinations) and Zoe (leg injury that is healing) to the vet for various reasons.  Khandi goes back Monday morning to spend the night getting micro-chipped and her heartworm treatment started.  Fancypants goes back to the eye doctor Tuesday afternoon and will hopefully get a clean bill of health or at least a reduction in meds.  Her eye looks so much better now so it’s all been worth it, but she hates us poking medicine in her eye all day; we’re down to 3 times per day now from 4.  The corneal abrasion is better but there is still a lot of calcium deposits there.  I don’t know if that will ever go away though; he said it was related to aging.  Guess we’ll see what they say on Tuesday.

Mom has been having health issues so we’ve had her in for tests, doctor visits, lab work and physical therapy.  Since she’s not able to motivate we’ve been helping with her chores, too.  We don’t mind.  It’s just made things more hectic at times.  Then I managed to get bronchitis and still have some coughing though I’m feeling more like myself now.   It’s always something, right?

I have more sewing projects in the plans.  Today R got out the hat hoop that came with the 10-needle; it’s still sealed in the box.  Hopefully we’ll be able to play with it soon.  I also have a couple of gifts that I need to get done soon or they’ll be too late.  I have piles of supplies bought for everything…and still a stack for a new purse…but there hasn’t been a supply of time delivered yet.

R has managed to go hunting and bagged a deer, then he took Bandit and the boat for a 4-day fishing trip which was productive.  Today I fried fish for us all and it was yummy.  I made chili from some of the deer but have yet to cook anymore.  The freezer is full of it.  R used the vacuum sealer to package it so it won’t freezer burn.  More yummy on tap.  I told Mom yesterday that R has proven his masculinity now.  When I told him what I’d said, he just laughed.  But he’s happy, so that’s all that matters.

Taxes are done (and Uncle Sam paid, unfortunately).  Politics are on simmer but it won’t be a pleasant 4 years ahead.  Not liking the new insurance.  It seems like everything we’ve had to do is not covered and part of our maintenance medications are not on the formulary–which means we pay for them out of pocket.  The “dental coverage” boils down to a reimbursement of $150 each for cleaning and x-rays once per year.  Since we do cleanings every six months we will end up doing a lot ourselves.  And any treatment is on us.  Thankfully the insurance is cheap.  I was paying $550 for Obamacare so this is a breeze even considering what we’re having to pay out of pocket.  I can still bitch about it though, right?  I pay for this space!  LOL



Still Dogging

Khandi enjoying her car ride
Khandi enjoying her car ride

Yesterday was errand day and the first stop was at Petco (we had a list), so we grabbed up Khandi and took her with us so she could have some “Me” time.  She enjoyed the trip through the Starbucks drive through and her puppy whip and then the shopping at Petco.  She even got a new harness out of the deal.  Little did Khandi know that she’d have to try on clothes.  She’s doing well.  We’re still treating the heartworms.  She has one more dose of the stronger oral medication then goes back in for a recheck so we’ll know if she’s ready yet for the final treatment at the vet.  I’ll be glad when she’s heartworm free but I dread having to keep her still for a month at a time.  This girl loves to play so it’ll be hard to keep her down.  But it won’t be the first time we’ve gone through this with a dog so we know what to expect….that’s why I dread it so much.  <sigh>

I haven’t done a lot of sewing since xmas with Khandi and Bandit running to the vet, and now Fancypants is going, too.  She has a corneal abrasion on her left eye that refuses to heal.  Our vet treated her on two different regimens but it wasn’t getting better so she sent us to the ophthalmologist.  So now we’re doing treatments 4 times per day and she goes back next Monday.  Tomorrow Pepper and Gypsy go in for shots.  See where I’m going here?  There’s been no free time to sew!

And it’s that time of year when there’s taxes and politics and insurance changes, and, and, and…..  So I’m just coasting until I can get back in the sewing room.  I’ve bought multiple tote bags, shopping bags, caps, etc., and tools to play with.  It’s all in a pile on my cutting table and some day I’ll get back in there to fondle it.  <sigh>

So, for now, I’ll just keep on dogging it………..


Happy New Year 2017

R has gone deer hunting at his brother’s house.  The dogs and I have been baching it.  The weather is cool and rainy with fog in morning and nights, so I’ve stayed pretty close to home.  I drank the bottle of Champagne then ate Cheetos because it was too cloyingly sweet.  Then that made me hungry so I ate a baked potato.  Now I have a sour stomach.  Wonder where that came from.  Yeah…Right

I spent the past 24 hours backing up computers and files for 2016 and dumping them all to dvds.  Finally finished that tonight so I’m good until 2018 now.  I have a copy on 2 PCs, a backup drive, a copy in the cloud and now a hard copy on DVDs.  I’m good now.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting back in the sewing room again.  I’m doing tote bags to donate then will get to my wall hangings I stitched that need to be framed and then to my new purse….maybe not in that exact order, of course.

New Year's libation for one

New Year’s libation for one in front of the computer

All is quiet around here.  Have to take 2 dogs to the vet Monday.  I have a hair appt. one day.  Other than that I’m planning to sew.  Birthdays are coming up and I need some “things” done.  And some “things” to donate.  Going to learn to do ball caps, too, this year.  I’ve got a lot of plans, yes indeedy!

Survived Xmas Again!

I made it!  One more time.  And I did it my way for the most part, and without my usual depression this year.  I usually battle Seasonal Affective Disorder in the fall months but we increased the wattage of our lights and slowly my depression is fading.  Well, what do you know??????????!!!!!!!!!!  So I’ve been sewing up a storm for everyone and making ornaments and tote bags and lace and snowflakes and….2016-09-26-17-58-01 img_0133img_0138 2016-09-26-17-57-30 2016-09-27-15-41-07 2016-09-29-15-12-34 2016-10-02-16-52-47 2016-10-02-19-13-55 file-dec-23-4-04-55-pm file-dec-23-4-05-16-pm img_0136 img_0137 img_0138 img_0186 img_0459 img_0480 img_0481 img_0488 img_0489 img_0491 img_0493 img_0497 img_0499 img_5025 img_5028 img_5029 img_5032 img_5033 img_5034 img_5036 img_5037 img_5038 img_5039 img_5040 img_5041 img_5062 img_5065 img_20160926_175647 img_20160926_175655 steviesgifttag



















See What I mean?  I’ve been sewing a LOT!  And this is not all of it either.  Since xmas is over now I’ve started sewing again.  I have 5 or 6 tote bags to do, wall hangings for myself to frame, and a purse for myself to sew.  Then I’ll do some more blankets, of course, because they’re my favorite things to stitch since they allow me the most creativity in designs.  I’ll be doing more lace, as well, since I have fallen in love with it.  I already have ideas for transitioning some from xmas to normal life…we’ll see.


And we have fallen in love with Miss Khandi and are keeping her  (as if we needed another dog, right?  LOL).  She’s really a great little girl and plays with our dogs and gets along with them just fine.  She’s happy and peaceful and loving, well-socialized, good on a leash, etc., etc., etc.,…  So, we’ll take her in next week to get ready for her heartworm treatment probably some time in January depending on when the vet schedules her.

We took our xmas decorations down today.  This is what it looked like xmas eve:

Xmas Eve 2016
Xmas Eve 2016

This week I’m planning more sewing, a run for groceries at some point, a trip to the bank, and to spend the rest of my time with my little family.  What will you be doing this week?

Xmas Is Nearer Every Day

FSL Angels
FSL Angels

And I’ve made it just fine, for once.  I’m still sewing up a storm and mostly finished with xmas items.  I’ve been making free standing lace items this week and using thread like crazy.  I have a bunch of stuff stitched out but still in the washaway stabilizer.  Hope to get them out and assembled this week.  Tomorrow Bandit goes in for his 4 week checkup and I have to have blood drawn for a follow up, so I probably won’t get much sewing done.  I’ll post some more pictures later.  Midnight is not exactly the best time to find and edit photos, at least for me.

And we have a new foster, even though we swore no more fostering.  We named her Khandi (xmas candy=khandi???).  She’s really sweet, happy and healthy except she’s high heartworm positive.  We’re medicating for a month and then will go back for a recheck to see if we can do the heartworm treatment.  Then, we’ll have her up for adoption and hope to find her a wonderful home.

Just thought I’d spend a moment to check in since I haven’t been posting much in recent months.  Hi, y’all!!!!!!!