Oh, Yucko!

Today I had a follow-up doctors appointment with my GP.  No problem; I could have stayed home.  On the way home I stopped and picked up some fries and a drink because I was feeling empty and it was too long till dinner.  Not much after getting back on the highway, while in the midst of bumper-to-bumper traffic moving along at a decent pace.  W H A M!!!!!!!!!!  A deafening bang against the passenger side of my car that bent the side mirror in against the car.  Then a sickening splat and blood drops on the car window.  I didn’t see anything in the rear view mirror except some trash in the roadway blowing around but something alive definitely hit my car on the passenger door.  I think the person in the lane next to me hit a small wild animal and their tire threw it up against my car.  Besides scaring the crap out of me, those French fries kind of lost their taste.  It was back to the car wash and popping the side mirror back into position with my hand afterwards.  There was still blood on the car when I got home but DH was kind enough to remedy that for me.  I haven’t been outside since!

We’re preparing for xmas here.  The tree is up, angel on top, tree skirt underneath.  Ornaments still lay on the table but they’ll get there.  Most everything is bought that will be bought so the only thing left is to heat that beautiful Honey-baked ham and trimmings for family.

The house is coming along—both of them actually.  This one is beginning to get better organized and there are few boxes left inside to unload.  You can see from one side of the garage to the other now but it has a long way to go.  All of the furniture is bought, delivered and in its proper place.  Trundle bed is in the guest room/office.  I’ve made 3 trips to goodwill, one to an individual collecting bags for foster children, and 1 trip to the animal shelter.  We have more to go but will have to pack some of this stuff up first.  Still sorting, and still looking for lost items as I come across their need.  The old house has been painted in and out, fence repaired, one out-building down, one to go.  Still needs landscaping and pressure-washing, then new floors will go down just before it goes on the market.   Some day we’ll be back to just one house to care for.  I can’t wait!

Well, time to go feed the canine children.  Be well!


O M G We’ve Moved!

Two weeks ago we began the moving process.  Today we’re kinda, sorta moved.  Boxes everywhere (but not as many) and some things are still missing in action.  What happened to the bowls and glassware?  Where is my mouthwash?  All replaceable but annoying.

I completely transformed my sewing room in this house.  For years I’ve had everything on cafeteria-style tables that were too deep but long enough.  I had a small closet that contained far too much junk for my own good.  Now I have an actual desk, storage units and half the office from our previous house.  Hubby and I shared the old office and since Mom’s death I have slowly moved more and more into my sewing room.  After a year most of her stuff is over and done but storage goes on.  Today I received the last of my storage units; I know hubby can’t wait to put them all together.  And I can’t wait to rearrange all my stuff.  It’ll look so much better when it’s over.  Best part is it’s P U R P L E!  My favorite color!!!!

The dogs seem to have adapted much faster than we have.  Within a couple of days they were relaxed and protecting their new home base.  Even though we still have several truck loads of construction crap to haul off they are enjoying the bigger yard.

My husband has gained a private office, if you can call it that.  It will also double as the guest room on occasion.  But it won’t be lavender like the last office.  We painted it a very pale green and drapes are on order.  A trundle bed has been donated by my sister.  As soon as we get enough floor cleaned out we’ll go pick it up and get it out of her way.  It’ll be interesting to see how that room comes together.

Our bedroom is the disaster.  Our furniture is too big for the space.  Guess we’ll have to go buy smaller nightstands and revamp the bed somehow.  Currently my nightstand is in the office and I have a couple of plastic containers doing its job.  The bed is too high for my short legs so we have a rudimentary step so I can get in to sleep.  I have to dress in the sewing room because I have no place to sit in the bedroom.  It’ll work out somehow.

The hall bath is still a work in progress.  I think it’ll require a wall cabinet to contain all of DH’s toiletries and towels.  My things are in the en suite and I have enough room so far.  Still buying knick knacks for storage.  Only 2 drapes up.  One miniblind needs replacement (still in the box in the dining room floor).  A door will be replaced eventually; windows too.  And some landscaping must be done.

The living room still needs tables and lamps but is complete for the most part.  I’ll still have to get rugs and decorations but that’s the fun part, right?  I’ll have to buy bowls and glassware if we don’t find the box containing those from the previous address.  I don’t mind that either; it’ll give me a chance to customize a bit.

I wish I’d kept a log over the past year.  I wrote a few things here but it has been a circus.  Most of the time I didn’t have time or energy to even update this blog.  Hopefully that will ease up now.


Survived Thus Far

Okay…  New HVAC almost finished.  Electrical finished.  Most of the plumbing finished.  Waiting for the exterminator (tomorrow), kitchen countertops (Friday), re-installing the bathtub in the en suite today. Once the exterminating is done we will get the carpenter back in and start putting this puppy back together again.  Kitchen cabinets will be painted, sheetrock repaired, cabinet built in en suite, ensuite vanity, toilet, mirror, etc., installed.  Then tiling all of en suite and on to kitchen backsplash.  After everything is painted we will move on to putting in the flooring.  Then we should be able to clean up and start moving.

Here, I am cleaning out crap that I don’t intend to move, but I’ve only scratched the surface, believe me!  We have to go pick out tile and flooring this week and somewhere in there carve out some time for ourselves.

Brighter Day

Gosh, where to start…  We’ve been too busy lately to look up.  The only time I tried to post ended in the disaster I called August and having a matrimonial fit.  Fit over and happier days evolved.  So now we live in 2 houses.  We’re remodeling one to move into and then this one will be redone and put on the market.

Wow, that is a lot said in a few sentences.  We have replaced the roof.  Replaced 273 running feet of privacy fence, torn out parts of 2 bathrooms.  Torn out a hall closet and the wall between the dining and living rooms.  The kitchen appliances have mostly been removed.  A gas line is being installed for the new gas range in lieu of the old electric one.  Torn out almost all of the floors and flooring, poured a concrete floor where none existed and temporarily fixed a tripping hazard (of two to be permanently repaired).  We’ve replaced the electrical box (well, the electrician did) and are in the process of rewiring most of the house and moving all the wiring from the missing wall.  We’ve removed 3 trees and most of the overgrowth from the front flower bed.  We’re about to get rid of a structure and the hot tub it contains.  Is that all?

So, remaining to be done: sheetrock 3 walls, install all the new lighting, ceiling fans and electric including switches and plugs, install new floors (after repairing the slab), install new windows, build deck, take down 2 more trees, replace all the HVAC, ducts and insulation.  Then we have to rebuild one bathroom (all supplies on site), tear out the tub surround on the second bath then tile, replace all faucets in kitchen and both baths and install floor tile in the en suite.  Then we need a new front and storm door, and a new sliding glass door with dog door installed.  One (of 2) garage doors needs repair and opener installed.  Am I done yet?

The entire inside has to be painted after walls are repaired, new kitchen appliances and back splash installed.  Part of the outside needs a new, brighter color with new house numbers.  Two new trees to be planted and some landscaping remaining to be decided.  Then we have to move.  Am I crying yet?  O M G!!!!!!!!!  I hate the thought of moving 26 years of accumulated crap from one house to another.  I’ll let you know if I survive.



What can I say?  Yuck. See ya later, alligator (when I’m in a better mood).


Where Did January Go?

Things have been crazy around here for so long that it’s beginning to feel “normal”!  Still working on Mom’s estate and dealing with all the details.  We thought when she died we’d finally get a break but she’s still screwing us over!  Enough!  All this hurry up and wait is killing me!

On a happier note: we are all doing well.  Hubby and I have both had some health challenges but today is good so far.  We took 5 of the dogs out in the car for Starbucks and McDonalds.  All had a good time.  My DIL has gotten me addicted to Pokémon Go so we hit every Pokestop in the neighborhood on a daily basis.  It’s fun and interesting even though I don’t know what I’m doing besides spending money.  LOL  I figure I’ll play with it until I don’t want to anymore or run out of money, whichever one comes first.

I have gobs of pictures to post but don’t have a lot of time right now to sort them.  Just wanted to jump in here and acknowledge my existence again.  Hope you all are doing well.  Hang in there.

Can You Believe It’s December Already?

It’s been a hectic few months around here.  The biggest headline is that my mom went into hospice then died on October 20th.  So the family came together and helped to empty her house and sort through all the paperwork in order to get the will probated and things sorted.  It was over a month of stress before things began to fall into place.  Now just waiting on our lawyer to get the legalese sorted.  On Wednesday we will deliver her ashes to the cemetery to join Dad’s.  She missed him a lot after he died so from Wednesday they will be back together.

I embroidered 43 Halloween blankets for the rescue and sales were swift and profitable for them.  I was so pleased!  I’ve delivered 13 xmas blankets and have a few more pieces of fleece for more.  I can go into my sewing room and the rest of the world falls away, so, if I’m being productive I’m being happy, too.  Right now I’m making the second of two baby blankets, just finished blankets for my sister’s dogs and one for a friend from work.

Hubby and I recently changed primary care physicians so she’s put us through the mill of tests, scans and lab work.  We’re beginning to catch up but since I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired I have a few more appointments scheduled for December.

Khandi has a vet appointment at the end of the week; she is the last one to be vetted this year.  Since we got her in December she gets her vaccinations every December now.  She’ll enjoy getting a long car ride and a trip through Starbucks for a puppy whip.  Today we loaded up the entire pack and took them through the car wash, then Starbucks, then through MacDonald’s for hamburger patties.  They were so good in the car and very interested in the entire trip.  Love those puppies so much!  We have a big pack but they get along surprisingly well since they have such a small amount of space between them.  We even get cabin fever so we understand how they feel when they don’t get to go with us very often.  Since we’ve had so many appointments lately, they’ve gotten the short end of the stick socially.

Hopefully things will begin to normalize for all of us soon…if you can call the xmas season normal.  It’s not my favorite time of the year but I’ll manage as I always do.  I didn’t cook on Thanksgiving.  With Mom’s death and the kids being sick and spread out it just didn’t seem worthwhile, but I am planning on cooking for xmas even if no one else can come.  And I’m actually looking forward to putting up the tree.  We bought a new one last year and all new ornaments.  I did some stitching to make things for the mantle and it was pretty awesome, for once.  I guess sewing for xmas finally gives me a reason to like the season.  LOL  Finally a reason for xmas!  More sewing.  Well, it is 1 A.M. and I have 50 more minutes on this embroidery design (the keepsake baby blanket).  Better get back to my stitching before I mess it up.  Good night, all……….


Sewing for the Grand-Dogs

Buster Brown



It was a productive day for dog blankets.  I only had 3 pieces of fleece so it worked out.  I sewed until late then we went to Kelley’s for dinner, came home and fed the dogs and I went back into the sewing room.  Intending to get back in there today, as well.  I have a native Texan garden flag (~100,000 stitches) up next then 3 sofa cushions and a dog bed for Mimi (will insert bed pillow for stuffing; it’ll be washable), etc.

I’ll probably be making a trip to Starbucks and the car wash shortly so sewing will have to wait until the afternoon.

Sunshiny Day

Woke up earlier than normal today though I don’t know why.  I’ve already done some sewing and took Dusty and Zoe for coffee.  In my office now trying to be quiet so my hubby can nap in the living room.  Here are some things I’ve sewn and not posted:


A set of silver sheets

Blanket for my great-grandson, Damian

Blanket for my great-granddaughter, Lena

Blanket for my great-granddaughter, Anna

Blanket for my son

Blanket for my daughter-in-law

Blanket for my grandson


Blanket for another grandson

I also did another couple of sheet sets that I didn’t photograph and some mending, so it hasn’t been a total loss.  I have some things cut out to embroider and sew but just don’t have the ambition to get them done.  I also finished all the damned laundry except for the folding.  I hate folding clothes so I always leave it for last.  I let R fold his own since I’ve had the eczema on my hands to contend with.  He helps so I can’t complain.  He’s a little under the weather right now so I’m trying not to ask for anything I can’t do myself.

Well, I’m outta here.  Things to do.  See ya!



Wow! Things Have Changed!!

I couldn’t even get into my own blog today; don’t know what WordPress did with my information but it was all wrong.  Goes with the rest of my day, I guess.

Things have been “interesting” around here lately.  I won’t go into detail but we’re on a downhill slide, it seems.  I’m trying to maintain some semblance of normality but don’t know how long (or if) it will last.  So, in that vein:

The dogs are all healthy and mostly happy.  They’d be happier if I’d load them all in the car daily and go for Starbucks, but I just am not able to manage them all by myself.  I did take Bandit and Zsa Zsa today.  They got to go to the car wash, Starbucks and the post office, so they are in deep slumber at the moment even though we’ve been home for hours.

I haven’t been in the sewing room lately because I’ve just felt like crap.  The allergist has had me on multiple medications that did not agree with my body.  I have been off the prednisone since last Sunday but I still feel bad.  I have managed to get the laundry done and the house mostly clean but it’s been a slow process.  I still have stuff in the dryer that’s been there over 24 hours.  And the hamper continues to fill even though I’ve given it the evil eye on various occasions.  My blood pressure is elevated; my back hurts; my knees hurt; I have a recurring headache; my neck hurts; and I’m exhausted.  Other than that things are going to hell around me.  I always try to be positive in this medium but not possible today.  Sorry.  I’d cry if it would help, but it won’t so I won’t.  Maybe.

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