Diva and Doggies

It has been a long day; my one day off and I had so many things to do.  The first was to take Fancypants to grooming.  The results are obvious in the pictures…she’s the diva of the pack!  I took her to Sonic afterward and fed her a child’s cheeseburger and some tater tots.  She got to look out the window while we waited for lunch to cook and really enjoyed her Mom And Me day.  I think I enjoyed it as much as she did!  Love that baby so much and have for 10 years now.  She had her dental cleaning on Thursday and they pulled some teeth, too, so she’s been babied ever since; eats it up but then don’t we all?
Aidan remains in his adoptive home but is still fearful of his new environment.  The new parents are doing a great job with him though; I’ve got to give them lots of credit.  Most people don’t even want to try handling a dog that’s been abused.  This family is so wonderful; I hope for all our sakes that they can make it work.  Aidan deserves that; he’s come so far.
Dusty is getting better, too.  The histiocytoma on his foot is going away now and it doesn’t seem to bother him anymore.  Trying to get him to start to come to me instead of picking him up as soon as he whines.  Postop I won’t be able to bend over to get him anymore so he has to start learning it now.  He’s such a cutie pie that everybody spoils him rotten, myself most of all.  Took him to get his nails clipped today at Petsmart and he got attention throughout the store.  Everybody had to hold him and coo over him.  Can’t help it; he’s just too darned adorable. 
Jackson’s incision is healing well and he is coming into his own now.  He actually played with me tonight for the first time.  He’s been playing with the other canines.  He seems to be happier with each passing day and looks better, too.  We’ll take his stitches out Friday and he should be fine.  Still waiting on the pathology report and still treating for heartworms.  Other than that he’s a perfect young man.
Also, still trying to find a home for Bandit and Jackson by February 3rd but we may not make it.  Talked tonight about buying a bigger doggie door in case Bandit stays long term.  So many dogs; not enough time, space or bucks. 
Tomorrow is my nuclear stress test in preparation for surgery.  Almost at the end of the pre-op prep.  I’ll know more about my own health when all the testing is complete than I have in a long time.  I’m looking forward to regaining the ability to walk again.  I’ve limped for 2 years and will literally have to learn to walk again.  I’m looking forward to simple things like being able to walk the dogs.  Funny the things you miss when they’re no longer there…….

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