America and Romney Lose

But I had a good day, so that’s an improvement for me.  Today I spent a couple hours at the nail salon for a refill and pedicure (and a glass of red wine).  Then I went to Popeye’s for lunch so I could taste their fried crawfish (yummy!).  Then I came home to watch the election returns until Ronnie got home from the hospital again.  Doesn’t sound like much but I feel 100% better than I have the past few days (even the election results can’t knock the dew off this rose!).

Tomorrow I have a late morning doctor’s visit then I intend to come home and start on sewing some fleece blankets.  I kept telling myself that I needed to work on one of my planned projects in order to get myself started sewing again, but I realized that I just need to do something mindless (since my mind needs to retrack for retirement so it’s not “On” right now) and just “Do It!”.  That way I’ll be sewing before my mind realizes it and all I have to do then is keep going.  Sounds logical to me right now, but what do I know?  I’m intent on getting my sanity back ASAP.  Like Jan told me: keep a structure in your days.  Yes, Ma’am!  I’m working on doing just that.

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