Pepper at the kill shelter

Ronnie asked me what I wanted for our anniversary (December 15th), Christmas (December 25th), and my birthday (January 14th).  I had the same answer every time: “I don’t need anything and there’s nothing I really want”.  That changed when one of my rescue friends sent me this picture on Facebook.

Pepper Checking Out His New Home

Pepper Checking Out His New Home

Then I knew what I wanted

(not necessarily what any of us needed).  I wanted to get that little 4 pound boy out of the kill shelter before he was euthanized.  I picked him up on my birthday and it was love at first sight for both of us.  I named him Pepper (I have no idea why???) and he answered to it immediately.  He is the softest, most cuddly 4 pounds you could imagine.  Somebody loved this baby well; there’s no trauma in his makeup.  Someone lost their baby.  He was a stray and was turned in to the shelter because the people who found him couldn’t keep him.  Someone has lost their angel.  So glad we found him before he reached his kill date.  Welcome to the Lindsey home, little Pepper.  On Friday he was neutered, micro-chipped, updated on his inoculations, checked for heartworms and parasites (both negative), and had his remaining baby teeth removed.  He’s healthy and happy; what else could we ask for?

I took him down to see my mom last week.  Her dog is 14 years old and in failing health.  She is expecting to have to put him down later this year.  She agrees that Pepper would be an ideal baby for her when her dog goes away.  I’m going to be taking him to see her often so they can bond.  Maybe this is the reason he came into our lives.  Poetic justice.

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