Done-Not Done

Got Fancy to grooming and she’s feeling spiffy and pretty again.  Didn’t go to the podiatrist; changed it to next week but went to the optometrist instead.  I’ll finally have glasses I might be able to see through again in a couple of weeks (looking forward to that!).  Had cardiac echo Wednesday, waiting on the next 2 tests then we’ll be through with that for the year again.

Got into the sewing room the first of the week and embroidered 2 blankets to donate.  Only 16 more to do before the next project starts.  I got all the leashes and collars, etc., delivered to Friendswood and picked up Jolie’s medication.  At least my health is holding again so I should be able to keep up with it all again.  I’ll have to get my blood work done once more in order to stabilize my medication where it is now.  I’ll try to get in for that next week, too.  Knocking out the extra stuff bit by bit.  Princess goes to the vet Monday, so that’ll be another thing completed on my doggie medical list for 2015.  I’ll have 3 of them to get in for dentals, then Zoe, Daisy and Fancy for shots; then we’re through for the year.  Yay!  Next week I should be able to start getting estimates to replace our entire AC system.  Dreading the cost but it’s got to be done before it gets hot again, which is in the offing right now—It was 82 in Houston today already and it’s barely April!  It’s always something, isn’t it?

Plan is to make a few blankets every day so I don’t get overwhelmed knowing I have 18 blankets to deliver all at once.  Since 2 are complete and packed in individual bags already I’ll try to get a couple more done tomorrow after I get through with errands.  Got some laundry to do, etc., but nothing too terribly important that I can’t get in the sewing room for a few hours.  Hope fully I’ll sleep better tonight and will be more productive tomorrow.  My eyes are still somewhat dilated from the doctor’s office today.  I didn’t think it was supposed to last this long, but I’m not staying up much longer anyway.  They’ll be in full working order by the time I wake up in the morning.

Good night, loved ones!

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