Sleep, Beautiful Sleep

I got to sleep until almost 10 AM today.  R was home and kept the dogs quiet for me.  It was the best I’ve felt in months and I pretty much hit the ground running.  Fed the dogs and fish, got dressed and drove through Starbucks then came home and started cleaning.  All the laundry is done and put away, house is cleaned, errands run and even got to sew for a bit.  Mended one item and ripped the lace off a valance I washed from the kitchen window that I’m going to redo tomorrow.  Then I have some appliques to finish up for a friend, dog toys waiting to be constructed, then 3 purses and a tote bag to make.  Looking forward to being creative again now that my stress level is coming down and I have more time to spend on something I want to do instead of what I have to do….big difference in so many ways.

I haven’t even been making any appointments lately because I’ve just been too stressed to add anything else but I did finally make a hair appointment for this week, and I will need to take Fancypants in for her yearly checkup, shots and blood work for a dental cleaning.  I called the nail spa today but my tech was still on vacation so I’ll have to follow through on that at a later date, too.

It’s been gradually getting better for me since Daisy’s been gone.  I’m feeling better and have more energy though today was the first day I really felt like doing anything creative.  I hope that only improves.  The pack is feeling much more peaceful, too.  They seem to be back to their old selves, quiet, happy and loving; I’d almost forgotten it could be this way.  Three months ago we had 9 dogs, now we’re down to 6 for the first time in years and years.  I NEVER want to feel that way again.  I like helping the animals but I can’t do any more fostering; it was killing me.  My blood pressure was spiking, I was having headaches and just felt like screaming at times.  UNCLE!!!!!!!  I have to take back my life or lose it; there’s no in between at this point.  I’ll love all the fur-babies I have but won’t be bringing any more in for my pack to deal with.  I never realized how unfair it was to them until now, or how unfair I was being to myself.  For a bit I felt like such a failure but I was really pushing myself much too hard; it’s a wonder it lasted as long as it did.  R always tells me I have a soft heart and a hard head.  In this case I have proved that all too well.

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