IMG_1001The theme for the baby shower was a circus.  I made these for the parents since I fell in love with the designs and they fit so well with the theme that I had to have them on something.

Getting ready for bed.  Mimi came through her dental cleaning with flying colors.  She lost one tooth but it hasn’t seemed to faze her. She’s in bed with R right now soaking up the extra attention (I had to shame him into it LOL).  Bandit is on the schedule in two weeks then Zoe will go after him.  Hopefully next year we won’t have to do any dentals at all.  I’m trying to get ahead while they’re all healthy and happy.  The only one remaining on a daily maintenance prescription is Fancy (Benazepril) which she’ll take every night for the rest of her life (she turns 15 in November).  So it’s a good time to play catch up while we have less out-of-pocket expense after down-sizing our pack.

I’ve felt better today even though I’ve spent most of it in the car behind the wheel.  Besides taking Mimi to Friendswood to the vet (then making another trip to Friendswood to pick her up, of course) I got to do a transfer of two cats from Missouri City to Friendswood then come back home.  It got me out of the house for a bit and the weather was mostly sunny so I didn’t mind.  But I do feel it in my leg tonight from too much sitting.  It’s always something.  <smiles>

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