A Little Sewing

Mardi Gras Owl

Mardi Gras Owl (still basted)



Brand X design

Brand X design



I managed to get a little time in the sewing room today.  I’m doing designs for the outside pockets of tote bags I’m making.  Most of them are 8″ x 12″ except the Brand X design that came out awful (because I resized it and changed the colors to match the bag—-they didn’t match afterwards either).  The mermaid and the peacock will be on tote bags.  I intended to use the owl on the cover of an ottoman that’s in my office but it may be beyond reupholstering at this point.

We have finally bought the majority of new furniture for the house and most of it is fully installed.  We still have to decorate and buy night stands for the bedroom but it’s coming together little by little.  R replaced one of the toilets today, too, so things are looking up house-wise.

I just took my sleeping pill.  Gypsy goes in for a dental cleaning at 7:30 AM so I’ll have to get up and get going early.  It’ll be one of those hurry-up-and-wait days because I drop her early then pick her up about 3:30 PM and will have to arrange the rest of the day to suit.  I have a purse started; maybe I can get it stitched together.  I bought a new laptop but wasn’t pleased with it (custom-ordered from HP) and FedEx-ed it back this morning.  I had bought one from Ebay that I also sent back.  So this will be my 3rd strike at getting what I want.  I’ve been looking at gaming machines because I need the speed, the RAM and the video aspects for my embroidery software editing program(s)…..I’ll figure it all out when it’s time.

So, good night to all.  And to all, good things………C

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