Survived Xmas 2021

Well, we made it through xmas and it was better this year. Got to see some of the family we don’t usually get to see. It was quiet and peaceful and happy. That’s enough.

And the HP laptop arrived and is PERFECT! Can’t complain about that anymore. No more crazies over any orders; they’ve all arrived safely. We have one to send back but not a bad experience so far.

The babies are happy and enjoyed Christmas treats. We even brought them a small loaf of pumpkin bread on Christmas when we ate lunch out. They finished the last of it last night. We have something around here called “Cake Thirty” which happens at 9:30 PM. They have their dinner at 5:00 PM then nap, bathroom and play until 9:30 PM when we heat the cake in the microwave and give them all bites until it’s gone. We were buying a slice of pumpkin bread at Starbucks with our morning coffee but one day I wanted a blueberry muffin. We brought it home and looked it up to make sure it was puppy-safe then gave them a taste. Voila! Booberry is their favorite now. If you say booberry they know immediately and eyes begin to twinkle. DH bought some mix so we can make them some at home.

Gypsy Snoozing in the sewing room

Gypsy has been under the weather with her allergies; with time and age progression they have only worsened. We took her to the vet a few months ago but nothing got better. So we took her to another vet last week and things are looking up. She’s on all kinds of meds but feels better. This week she also has a sore neck (cervical spondylitis) so she’s on even more meds and laser treatments. But she looks like a new dog (if you ignore the grey hair). She goes back tomorrow for another laser treatment so it’s a matter of time. She seems better and the allergies are completely at bay because she’s on steroids. Time will tell.

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